Ormskirk – The gap that needs filling!


As 2015 dawns a simple request, let us please find a way to stop this nonsense at Ormskirk Station whereby the Liverpool – Ormskirk trains and Ormskirk – Preston trains meet buffer to buffer. 50 years after Beeching have we learned nothing? Preston and Liverpool are the obvious end Cities for this line, not the lovely market town of Ormskirk in the middle.

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Ormskirk – One of the most unusual Parish Churches in England


Despite having no religion I do find churches interesting and Ormskirk Parish Church is a rare one indeed being one of only three in England to have both a tower and a steeple. Wikipedia has a history of the church for reference – see link above.


Just down the road from the church, on the appropriately named Church Street, West Lancs Borough Council has had some ‘look alike’ bollards and seats made which replicate the tower and steeple.


A nice piece of local authority complementary street scene works.

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Ormskirk Station in times gone by – Now a shadow of its former self

Flicking through my photo collection the other day and I found a photo of Ormskirk Station which I must have bought some time ago and forgotten about. The reverse says it is from the John Ryan Collection and the copyright is held by J A Peden, so due recognition here to them both.

The picture is undated and is taken from the Preston bound platform looking south towards the Derby Road bridge which crosses the tracks at the end of the platforms.


I have recently bought a second old photo of the Station, this time the view is from the Derby Road bridge looking northwards. It is also undated:-


Ormskirk was indeed a grand station in times gone by. You can see the former bay platform in this second shot – to the right. I understand that this is where the Liverpool local trains would run to and from.

Of course you could also get a train to Skelmersdale from Ormskirk, but sadly no more. My recent posting about the proposals to bring a railway back into Skem’ can be read at:-


But what about the Station now, in 2014? Well every picture tells a story and here is the picture. Hardly grand any more when compared with the two old photos:-

End of the line - Ormskirk Station in 2014

End of the line – Ormskirk Station in 2014

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What next for West Lancs Borough Council – it’s 27 all!

27 Tories and 27 Socialists; that’s it, they are deadlocked.

But they have been in this bind before and I am old enough to recall the time when Bob Germin was the sole SDP councillor on that council and him holding the balance of power.

As West Lancs is often in this situation a small group of councillors who are neither socialist nor Tory could have significant influence but for some odd reason such a group has not developed.

Common political talk is that West Lancs Borough Council does not have a secure and sustainable future as a unit of local government especially as it is a small District Council stuck between Merseyside (Sefton and St Helens Boroughs) and Greater Manchester (Wigan). This result will not help that situation one bit and West Lancs needs to find a way of becoming a Unitary Authority, sooner rather than later, probably by merging with a neighbouring Council.

I have posted before about the West Lancs dilemma but it is now a bigger dilemma than when I last raised the subject.

Ormskirk – The end of the line – How daft is that!

Having been a supporter of OPSTA (Ormskirk, Preston & Southport Travellers Association) for more years than I care to recall I, like many folk, continue to find the fact that the electrified Northern Line from Liverpool stops at Ormskirk.

The Merseyside commuter belt certainly goes at least as far as Burscough/Rufford whilst the logical end for this electrified service is quite obviously Preston. One day a Government of whatever colour will see the sense of extending the electrification but whether I am still breathing is a different matter.

The shot below (taken in April) is looking towards Ormskirk Station with it being just beyond the bridge in the background. Click of the picture to enlarge it.


If you agree with me please consider joining OPSTA and maybe we can have another big push at this most stubborn of projects.
See my link to OPSTA for details of this campaigning rail group.