Lydiate – Progress on sporting/fitness facilities

We had a meeting of Lydiate Parish Council yesterday evening via Zoom* and after many frustrations it looks like some positive progress is being made with regard to changing facilities at our Sandy Lane Playing Field. I would add that the frustrations have not been within the parish council.

What started the project was our concern that we could not accommodate women’s football because the changing rooms were simply inadequate and needed both upgrading and expanding. Followers of this blog site will recall that I’ve posted about this project before although not for a while. Here’s my most relevant previous posting for reference:-

So where are we up to? A modular changing facility will be insalled (subject to planning permission and Football Foundation funding being finalised) next to the present building (see photo below) and some changes will be made to the present building to provide refreshment facilities supported by a funding stream from Sefton Council.

Present Sandy Lane Changing Rooms building

The outdoor fitness equipment which is presently on the Parish Council’s Lambshear Lane/Village Centre site will be relocated to Sandy Lane to make it more accessible as the Lambshear Lane site is often locked. I’m a user of this equipment although not recently due to it being behind a fence. Interestingly, there’s been a lot of talk about whether indoor gyms are safe during our Covid 19 crisis but there’s less concerns with regard to outdoor gyms and they are free to use too.

The photo above is from when the equipment was originally being installed at Lambshear Lane a number of years back.

This progress, assuming all the parts of it fall into place, is very welcome and the efforts of the Parish Clerk should be noted here. It will still leave aspects of the sporting facilities at Sandy Lane to be resolved such as refurbishing the older changing rooms and resurfacing the tennis courts/turning them into a multi-sport area but those issues are for further debate and funding as the opportunity allows.

* Strangely the Parish Clerk told us that someone had thought the Parish Council had met face to face during the pandemic. We have not done so of course and our meetings have been via Zoom and will be so for the foreseeable future unfortunately.

Lydiate – Outdoor fitness equipment now all back up and working at LVC

I posted a while back about the fact that one of the outdoor fitness items at Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane was broken and had been taken away. My previous posting is available via the link below:-

Happy to say the item has now been returned to the site and it is fully working again. The item is the one on the far left of the photo below:-

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Lydiate – Outdoor fitness equipment at Lydiate Village Centre

I gave the fitness items a try on 5th January and I am pretty sure that this one was not in the best of health:-

Rust is an obvious issue but clunking as it moved round indicated mechanical problems too. I asked Lydiate Parish Council to have it serviced/repaired and it has now been removed (by Sefton Council who installed it) to so see what can be done with it.

I’m told that this particular piece of outdoor fitness equipment is problematic and others have had to be removed across Sefton Borough. Whether it can be repaired is yet to be seen.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment at KGV Park Maghull

Like Lydiate, Melling and Aintree Village in the East Parishes part of Sefton, Maghull now has some outdoor fitness equipment and it is in KGV Park next to Meadows Leisure Centre.


I am all for this equipment although I accept that others are not. Interestingly, I predicted that some would be upset by the installation because Lydiate Parish Council had previously looked into providing similar items and it provoked letters to press in objection. That was 3 or more years ago but the same has happened this time in that a letter has appeared in the Aintree and Maghull Champion blaming Sefton Council for spending scarce cash on the equipment whilst cutting other services.

Whilst I am the last person to defend Labour led Sefton Council I have to say that the NHS paid for these items not the Council.

Oh, and one further thing. I have been asked by a few people why the Maghull KGV fitness equipment was sited well away from the buildings so compromising the grassed area for games etc. I wondered that too and don’t understand why Maghull Town Council chose to put it where it did. To me it would have been best at least on the other side of the path through the Park if not where the old putting green used to be.