Maghull V Sefton Parish Boundary dispute – Well folks do keep asking me about it

The posts and sign behind me are, I am told, where Maghull's boundary sign is to be relocated to.

The posts and sign behind me are, I am told, where Maghull’s boundary sign is to be relocated to. Don’t ask me when though as this has been going on for months on end!

Since I first raised this I have been surprised by how many people have asked me what the latest is. It seems this is a matter of some amusement for some folk and I must admit to having had the odd chuckle about it myself.

If you recall the boundary sign saying ‘MAGHULL’, on Bridges Lane, had to be taken down a few months ago because Sefton Parish Council said it was ‘on their land’ or more to the point in their Parish. It was there because there was nowhere for it to go on the actual boundary (Dovers Brook) due to a narrow pavement. What’s more it had been in place for donkey’s years without any complaint. However, the complaint came in and the sign was removed.

In turn this then meant that the Maghull in Bloom volunteers, who had recently put planter baskets on each of Maghull’s boundary signs, were forced to take their basket down as the sign was no long a boundary sign; indeed it was now nothing at all except to two redundant poles. Make that one pole now as the other one disappeared last week.

The back up plan, so I was told by Maghull’s Town Clerk Mark Julius, was to put the boundary sign on another set of poles just inside the Maghull boundary that currently houses a sign for Sefton Meadows Recycling Centre. So far it has not appeared and I assume that until it does neither will the Maghull in Bloom Volunteer’s planting basket.

As one residents said to me recently, ‘we may be in hard times but a little and frankly daft local falling-out over a sign gave me a good laugh; it shows British eccentricity is still alive and well.’

For my money I think that when Maghull Council does finally put the sign back up that the Town Mayor should be trundled out to unveil it with the Town Band playing as well.