Maghull – All that remains (of Burleigh House)

A corner of wall and a door have not been demolished – I wonder why? Where the major services came into the property which sit need disconnecting?

Burleigh House was a substantial property on the Ashworth South Site in Maghull, it had previously been a part of Moss Side Hospital’s grounds and was set back a few yards off Park Lane. The land is presently being redeveloped for the Poppy Fields and Pavilions housing estates.

But why the photo and the history lessen? Well the photo struck me as odd in that the demolition of the house seems to have been stopped with 95% it already gone but the other angle goes back a while to when I was first elected to Sefton Council’s Molyneux Ward in 1999.

Probably the first contact I had as a fresh faced and enthusiastic Sefton Councillor was from an organisation called the Beechpark Initiative, an organisation covering the Beechway estate (in Melling) and the Park Lane/Parkbourn/Parkbourn Square estate (in Maghull). The Maghull/Melling Civil Parish Boundary passes right through the middle of Ashworth Hospital in case you did not know. Both these small estates (built at differing times) had originally been staff accommodation associated with the mental health hospital they still sit either side of and which is called Ashworth Hospital these days. Here’s a note from the Charity Commission’s web site about the Beechpark Initiative:-

The charity wanted to take over Burleigh House and use it to further their community and educational aims and I recall trying to help them together the then MP for Maghull of the time George Howarth. Sadly, despite our efforts and those of others too the ambitions of Beechpark to take over the house did not become a reality so it’s rather sad to see the last bit of it hanging on awaiting its seemingly inevitable end.

Click on the photo to enlarge it. It was taken on 24th March 2018 and is also amongst my Flickr photos at:-

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Maghull – Shooting in Parkbourn

Parkbourn Square

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

If memory serves I seem to recall a previous shooting in Parkbourn from 2013

With thanks to Keith for the lead to this posting

Village Greens – You don’t get many of them in modern communities

What an odd thing to ponder on you may say yet England’s rural communities were often built around greens. By greens, I don’t mean churned up former large grass verges or houses built around play areas but I do mean grassed areas that are reasonably maintained as local green lung and/or community space with houses surrounding them.

What got me thinking were two areas of Maghull, Hinchley Green off South Meade and Parkbourn Square. The former I have blogged about before associated with United Utilities recently trying to install a monster control box taller than my 6ft – see photos below. Fortunately it ended well after a bit of Lib Dem campaigning alongside local residents.

This was the supersized one which had to go!

This was the supersized one which had to go!

The latest UU green box, quite an improvement on the monster sized one they put in earlier this year

The latest UU green box, quite an improvement on the monster sized one they put in earlier this year

The later is now a quite picturesque green on the far eastern side of Maghull right next to Ashworth Hospital. Indeed, the houses were built for the NHS many years ago but now are mostly privately owned with a few belonging to Riverside Housing Association. Frankly, the Square never looked its best when the NHS owned it but now it looks really smart, just look at the photo below.

Parkbourn Square

Parkbourn Square

But are there any other greens in Maghull, a mostly post IIWW town that long ago lost its 1930’s rural feel? Well there is the oft mentioned Kennessee Green near Maghull Station and yes Kennessee Close does have a small green at its heart. Then there are the modern greens that the houses off Deyes End are built around. And now I think about it East Meade has a large green and Church Road has a couple of greens. I am sure I have forgot one or two though despite being nearly a local now, having moved to Maghull in 1968.