Maghull – Square Parking Fury – Which side is Town Council leader on?

With all the fuss, particularly on social media, about the parking fines that are being handed out by the private sector company which owns the Maghull Square shopper’s car parks I scratched my head a little over the stated position of Maghull’s Town Council Leader.

The Champion newspaper quotes him as saying – notices about the new arrangements are “strategically placed” around Central Square. He said “They are on the small side – but there are plenty of them.” But what does that mean, what is he trying to tell us?

I think our Labour Council Leader needs to be clearer so that locals understand his stance. Will he clarify?

Maghull – Parking tickets in ‘Square’ shopping car parks

Social media locally seems to be giving a big thumbs down to the parking tickets that are being handed out ‘like confetti’, to quote one dischuffed resident, at the now privately run Maghull Square car parks.

Maghull Square

And the issue is drawing other comments about the state of the shopping centre generally; they are far from complimentary.

For what it is worth, my view is that now is a poor time to reinstate parking restrictions. The promised refurbishment of the shops is yet to happen, the car parks are hardly in the best condition – ruts and potholes – and locals have heard far too many promises that have come to nothing over many years.


The Sefton Council run public toilets are also getting a panning and I am old enough to recall when they were winning awards (no kidding they really did) and Sefton was flushed with success! Sorry could not help that one. Was it a golden chain the Council won? Sadly, those of us who fought to save the toilets from closure 2 or 3 years ago are now far from happy with the state of them.

My advice to the owners? Get the Square up to scratch otherwise all that’s being achieved is giving more grief to folks who it seems are not exactly queuing up to shop there at present.