What Labour & land owners/developers have planned for Sefton’s East Parishes – Green Belt building on a massive scale – Posting 6 What it all means

My 5 previous recent postings on this subject have ranged across the East Parishes communities of Sefton and outlined the huge development plans that Labour-run Sefton Council and land owners/developers have in store for us.

Here I am looking at Green Belt & high grade agricultural land off Lambshear Lane in Lydiate which Labour-run Sefton Council is threatening to allow building upon.

Here I am looking at Green Belt & high grade agricultural land off Lambshear Lane in Lydiate which Labour-run Sefton Council is threatening to allow building upon.

Of course not all the proposals will go forward or see the light of day but some, as I have explained, have already been put in the draft Local Plan for the Borough which Labour councillors voted for unanimously on Sefton Council.

Of course Labour have been running with the hare and hounds throughout this process. They even started by proclaiming they were the party to protect the Green Belt from development! Yes, I know it sounds ludicrous now as they have actually been doing the opposite. Their latest tactic is to oppose the sites put forward by developers and land owners so they can look like they are fighting for the Green Belt but of course they are at the same time likely to approve building on other sites that they have picked to be concreted over.

Labour are of course entitled to their opinions but why on earth say they were going to fight for the Green Belt and then vote to build on it? That’s not honest politics. I wonder if there is an committed environmental campaigner amongst them? Have you heard a local Labour politician say they are going to try to defend high grade agricultural land from development and thought they meant it?

And yes housing is obviously needed and we environmental campaigners know that both within the Lib Dems and in the wider ‘green’ movement. That is why we have openly said sites such as Ashworth South should be developed for housing because whilst it is in Green Belt it has been built upon before.

But where to from here? More decisions will be taken in October and the Local Plan process will rumble on until it is finalised in April/May of 2015. Whether it be a good outcome for Sefton and and its environment I very much doubt. But will even more development be forced upon Sefton if Labour comes to power nationally? Probably yes, as Ed Miliband has been backing even higher house building targets. Will we manage to get high grade agricultural land protected from development. We can only try but how long it will take before the political classes in Westminster hear that penny drop?

If we can’t get up and fight for our environment what else will we fight for? I remain unashamedly an environmental campaigner who will defend Sefton’s high grade agricultural land from development. No apologies from me on that score.


Maghull/Aintree Green Belt attack comes in from Peel Holdings


The Crosby Herald has the story – see link above.

Most of the land around the communities of Lydiate, Maghull, Aintree and Melling (known as the East Parishes part of Sefton Borough), that is undeveloped, is high grade agricultural land and most of it is under attack to be developed by land owners, developers, land banks etc.

Now Peel Holdings whats to develop land between Maghull and Aintree as a ‘Strategic Employment Location’. If memory serves me correctly this is a similar area of land to that which was previously put forward as an alternative site for the hugely controversial TESCO mega rebuild of Kirkby Town Centre.

Would any high grade agricultural land be left in Sefton if the developers and land owners got their way? Whats the point of having employment sites for future generations when there will be nowhere for those future generations to grow their food?

Interestingly, and on a more positive note, the same Crosby Herald article says that Peel Holdings share the concerns of Sefton Lib Dems about the need to develop the railway line into the docks as an alternative to more road building through Bootle.