Green Belt – Another attack -This time from RIBA

A new report from RIBA [Royal Institute of British Architects] has called for MPs to relax laws protecting green belt land. Parts of the green belt are of “negligible environmental value”, it says, arguing that space for housing is both of significant value and urgently needed. “In these parts of the country the green belt no longer serves its purpose and isn’t appreciated by the local community; this land could be much better used to provide new housing, parks and space for communities to grow and prosper,” it elaborates.

The Times today, Page: 16

I despair, is it that we are turning our backs on the ‘green’ agenda? Certainly around Sefton Borough what is presently designated as Green Belt is also vastly high grade agricultural land. It is not just a buffer that stops communities merging into each other; it is our food basket! In the rush to build more houses we are losing sight of why high grade agricultural land is so important. It is not simply a commodity to be sold and concreted over; it is what will feed our children and our children’s children.

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story.