Plastic bottle recycling or not?

Some time ago I asked a Recycling Officer at the Council what happened to plastic bottles that are left around a recycling skip as opposed to being in it. The question was posed because of overflowing skips that were too small.


The answer was that plastic bottles not in the skip went to landfill and I recall this gained some publicity at the time as the Council was under pressure to increase the size/number of its skips.

Now the skip I use in Maghull’s Morrisons car park is of a decent size and I have yet to encounter it too full to take any more plastic bottles. However, I have seen bags of bottles left on top of it a number of times recently and am wondering why.

It seems a shame if someone is going to the trouble of doing a good green deed by collecting bottles up and transporting them to the recycling skip only for them not to be put in the skip.