The much needed link between Liverpool Sth Parkway St & John Lennon Airport

Not so long ago I posted about Liverpool Airport’s missing rail link. Here’s a link back to that posting:-

Not long after I blogged about it I came across the views of a fellow railway campaigner Cedric Green of the North Cheshire Rail Users Group. Now this group already has a big feather in it’s cap because they were the successful lobbyists for the Halton Curve to be reinstated.

And what have they now turned their sights on? Gaining a connection between Liverpool South Parkway Station and Liverpool John Lennon Airport but you may be surprised by their preferred solution – a Personal Rapid Transport system like the POD at Heathrow Terminal 5. Here it is in action on You Tube:-

Presently of course South Parkway (often referred to as the airport Station) is only connected to John Lennon Airport via buses using the congested local road network. So would the POD work in Liverpool, it certainly looks like it would be fun to ride on.