Not a word I’m guessing that many folk would associate with Boris Johnson yet it was uttered by an elector who’d supported/voted for his leadership of the Tories at the last General Election. The context of the remark was indeed remarkable, to me anyway, in that the person using the word was seemingly saying that they had expected decency from Johnson.

What struck me about this was why on earth would anyone expect decency from Johnson? And thereby hangs the cult of Johnson who often seems to be imagined as a person significantly different from the one we see on our TV screens day after day.

There’s nothing new about political cults of course as it’s only very recently that we lived through the cult of Corbyn. Thatcher had a cultish following too of course. And what about Churchill and even Lloyd-George?

Johnson’s cult following is clearly associated with Brexit, itself a fantasy never to deliver all the ‘wonderous’ things its proponents promised. That he wrote out two EU scenarios, one pro, one anti, and then decided which one he was going to run with says a lot about the man. Of course, he ran with the one which he calculated would take him into power. It worked too.

Now, I often turn to look at what Jim Hancock is thinking when I’m considering important UK issues. He rarely disappoints even though I don’t always share his conclusions. Here’s Jim on the present melt-down of Johnson’s Government over Partygate:-

Well, what do you think of Jim’s take on Johnson/Partygate? To me, he’s got a pretty good angle on it all. I was particularly interested in the Bury Tory MP defecting to Labour. Considering what he’s previously voted for the MP is clearly of the right and I could not see him being spoken of as a One Nation Tory in any sense when he was in that party. On that basis, Labour has gained a defector who may well sit, if slightly uncomfortably, with the present right of centre leaning Labour leadership but my guess is that many local Labour members in Bury will privately be horrified if he’s been promised a run at the Bury Sth seat in the next General Election for Labour.

But to come back to my original theme about how voters perceive Johnson, a suppose you need to have bought into the cult to get why his supporters see him so very differently from those of us outside of it. But, decent? Really?!!!!!