Gladstone, Bright & Lever – Three Liberals of their time

A recent visit to the Lady Lever Art Gallery turned into a bit of a Liberal history session. William Hesketh Lever, the creator of the gallery and model village of Port Sunlight, was a Liberal. What’s more he had marble busts made of his own favourite Liberals – Gladstone and John Bright. He had a bronze figurine created of Gladstone as well.

The Lady Lever Art Gallery was founded by William Hesketh Lever (1851-1925) and is dedicated to the memory of his wife Elizabeth. The gallery contains the best of his personal art collection.

I took photos of the Gladstone and Bright busts and the Gladstone figurine – they are below:-

Marble bust of Gladstone

Marble bust of Gladstone


Marble bust of Bright

Marble bust of Bright

IMG_8325 r

Bronze Statuette of Gladstone

Bronze Statuette of Gladstone


I used the phrase ‘Liberals of their Time’ to title this posting quite deliberately because in comparison to say the policies of the present incarnation of Liberal politics, the Liberal Democrats, what those prominent politicians of their day stood for may well look quite different. Then again the times were very different and the social justice issues, which they all tackled, were as important as big issues of today. But it is all about looking at such previous generations of Liberals (or indeed other non-Liberal politicians) in the context of the times in which they lived.

Wirral – Checking out the refurb of Lady Lever Art Gallery

My previous post from April this year sets the scene:-

The floor of the south end is striking in black and white.

The floor of the south end is striking in black and white.

We had not been over the water (River Mersey) to see this lovely gallery for some time and Sheila and I wanted to have a look at the recently refurbished south end which Jen Robertson had a hand in.

We went on 21st July and here are some shots from that visit:-

IMG_8339 r

IMG_8306 r

A lovely visit with our own special tour guide. Two rather proud parents me thinks of the work that Jen was a part of.

If you get chance to go see this art gallery please do so, it is worth the effort and it has a great cafe too.

The first photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Lady Lever Art Gallery gets a welcome refurbishment


ITV/Granada has the story on its web site – see link above

Now here is a project to celebrate art on Merseyside, not least because Maghull resident Jen Robertson was a part of the project team and can be seen cleaning a rare Wedgwood fireplace in the video.

You can visit the Museum’s web site via the link below:-


Lest we forget – 1914 – 18 War


As 2014 draws to a close this may well be my last posting about war memorials 100 years since the start of World War One.

This is a shot of the truly magnificent war memorial at Port Sunlight Village on the Wirral which is close to the Lady level art Gallery.

I say my last posting on this theme; that is unless anyone sends me another photo of a war memorial…………………

The photo above is amongst those on my Flickr site at:-

Turner exhibition at Lady Lever – Port Sunlight

I was lucky to be invited to attend the opening event of this new exhibition last Thursday together with Jen.


I know little about art but I know what I like and Turner together with Edward Hopper is it.


The special exhibition is well worth a visit and the fact that it is in the the magnificent Lady Lever Gallery makes it more so. I had not visited Lady Lever Gallery for quite some time, maybe 10 years, and both Jen and I had a great time. I took the shot below whilst there and have also put it on my Flickr site.

Statue of Antinous against one of the two domes in Lady Lever gallery

Statue of Antinous against one of the two domes in Lady Lever gallery

And who did we run into but the Peter Dowd the Labour Leader of Sefton Council. We might not share common politics but we do share a liking of Turner. It was nice to have a chat about what we do agree about.