Clieves Hill parking lay-by pot holes

I mentioned two huge and deep pot-holes in this popular local scenic lay-by not so long ago. My previous posting refers – see link to it below:-

Well my report to Lancashire County Council brought a swift response I’m pleased to say and the biggest of the deep ruts have now been filled with tarmac. It’s still not the most even of lay-by surfaces and could really do with a complete resurfacing but in these times of austerity it’s a welcome and quick bit of work from LCC.

Pot hole repairs to Maghull Square Shopping Centre car parks

I was glad to see yesterday that the long awaited repairs to the pot holes have now been done.

I had been contacted by an elderly lady who had fallen due to one of the pot holes and had contacted the Maghull Group, who own the Shopping Centre and car parks, trying to get them to do the necessary repair work.


Above is a photo of the Leighton Avenue car park where a large tarmac patch can be seen. Previously it had been badly rutted.