Lib Dems punished for putting the brake on Tory right wing policies!

This is just one way of looking at General Election result.

It now seems that the biggest mistake of the Lib Dems in government may have been to assume that English electors wanted the brakes put on nutty/dangerous right wing Tory policies.

Sadly the opposite may be true i.e. what some living in Lib Dem/Tory marginal constituencies actually wanted was the Lib Dems out of the way so those right wing policies could see the light of day!

Why else have the Tories been handed the keys to No. 10 other than because of our appalling electoral system of course?

May your God (I don’t have one) go with you in the words of Dave Allen.

Peter Dowd will be next MP for Bootle

It kind of shows how poor our electoral system is when I can confidently predict the result of the next General Election in one constituency!

Peter Dowd has won his Party’s selection – the election involving the good people of Bootle is now all but irrelevant.

With Peter becoming an MP and I would add filling the boots of Joe Benton, one of the nicest people in politics, who will lead Sefton Council?

The choice is not obvious and no one really stands out within the Labour Group to fill Peter’s boots. There could be quite a punch up over this as that’s how Labour does its internal politics I hear.