Aughton – Beware the presently closed footpaths

Folk walking around Aughton enjoying the local footpath network need to be aware that a number of public footpaths in Aughton Civil Parish are presently closed due to major works that are being undertaken there by United Utilities contractors who are laying a new pipeline.

This is a long ongoing project affecting a huge area. Here’s an example of a notice from Lancashire County Council about part of the closed footpath network:-

The notice was at the beginning of a footpath in Brookfield Lane, Aughton which goes across the fields, over the the Liverpool – Ormskirk railway line (via Bowkers Green Pedestrian Level Crossing)and on to Mickering Lane.

Sefton Rights of Way – Any issues out there?

For my sins (can an atheist sin?) I am a member of this Group which meets on a 3 monthly basis to discuss and highlight issues with the Borough’s public footpath and bridleway network.

Footpath of Bridges Lane in Sefton Village

I represent both Maghull Town and Lydiate Parish Councils on the Group and am happy to take up issues with public rights of way in the two civil parishes and beyond. So if you have any comments to make please get in touch with me.

And whilst on the subject of walking I am presently reading a book by Stuart Maconie called ‘The Pie at Night’ – its all about what those of us Oop North do for fun! I was struck by some comments about the Ramblers Association now re-branded Ramblers. What I did not know was that it grew out of the Communist British Workers Sport Federation. Can I hear any Conservative members of Ramblers laughing at that surprising bit of history?

Ramblers – A meeting to chat about Sefton’s Local Plan and its effect on public footpaths

Had a good meeting this morning with a representative of the Ramblers Assn. The meeting was to talk through any negative implications on the Maghull and district footpath network of Sefton Council’s decision to build on areas of Green Belt.

The conclusion we came to was that the huge ‘New Town’ site to the east of Maghull will throw up the biggest challenge as a public footpath crosses it which is clearly an historic track. I say historic as it is named on the Ordnance Survey Map as ‘Moss Nook Lane’. The path runs from School Lane to the M58 Motorway and over it to Moss Nook Farm. A second path skirts this development site running alongside the M58 Motorway starting in Poverty Lane and joining Moss Nook Lane by the Motorway.

The large red area is the 'New Town' site to the east of Maghull.

The large red area is the ‘New Town’ site to the east of Maghull.

Public footpaths are important and many have been saved by the campaigning of the Ramblers Assn and others over the years. Clearly our local Ramblers have an eye to keep up such campaigning and I for one will be with them in their efforts.

So sad that we had to have this discussion at all though as the site should not be developed under any circumstances in my book due to it being high grade agricultural land and Green Belt. But despite climate change and supposedly everyone now wanting to put the environment first the economy trumps such concerns every time it seems. Subsequent generations will learn to hate us I fear for what we doing now to land on which they could have grown their food.