The demise of public toilets – Maghull just one of many towns to have a shopping center with nowhere to spend a public penny.

Maghull’s closed public toilets at the Square Shopping Centre.

The Mirror has an interesting a sad story to tell about the demise of public toilets across the nation – see link below:-

I remember only too well trying to save the public toilets at Maghull Square Shopping Centre, toilets that in the 1980’s had been award winners in the Loo of the Year Awards. Of course by the time they closed they were a shadow of that former glory having been vandalised and unmaintained. Indeed, by the time they closed few people would use them anyway due to their condition.

The same toilets were not looking good back in 2012 well before closure.

Now in Maghull Costa, and the Health Center provide the only toilet facilities. It would be nice if the Maghull Morrisons store had a toilet too like so many of their supermarkets.

Port of Liverpool – Spending Millions but nowhere to spend a Penny

Peel's cranes at Liverpool 2's deep water river berth for colossal sized container ships, Seaforth.

Peel’s cranes at Liverpool 2’s deep water river berth for colossal sized container ships, Seaforth.

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Makes you wonder how when so much investment is going into the Port of Liverpool such a basic necessity of life i.e. toilets have been overlooked.

The other odd part of the BBC story that struck me was why it was seemingly being suggested that local councils should provide toilet facilities. Now I could just about understand the Port saying to say Sefton Council can you erect appropriate toilets and run then for us and we will pay whatever the cost is. But if the suggestion is that Sefton Council provide toilets funded from the public purse that is surely a non-runner.

Maghull’s Public Toilets – Is Maghull Town Council about to ride in to save them?

There has been much debate, especially on Maghull’s Facebook community pages about the state of and indeed future of the public toilet block in Maghull’s Leighton Avenue which serves the Town’s shopping centre.

I have mentioned these toilets many times before on this blog site, toilets which were once award winning in the 1980’s but that have sadly been in a steady decline ever since.

They have in fact been closed recently due to vandalism and this was the scene on 29th December – They were very firmly locked up:-


When I was a member of Maghull Town Council and I could see the decline in the toilets and wanted to do something about it. Indeed, I made a proposal to the Council on 24th July 2013 – it read ‘To support an MTC [Maghull Town Council] capital investment in Maghull’s rather down at heel public toilets in Leighton Avenue, with the aim of working up a project in partnership with Sefton Council to restore these public toilets to their previous award winning condition’.

And here we are some 3 and half years later and Maghull’s public toilets are even more run down, vandalised and sadly closed.

These toilets were not looking good back in 2012

These toilets were not looking good back in 2012

There’s a danger here that I just shout ‘I told you so and you did nothing’ but that would be churlish. Yes, of course I am disappointed that nothing happened following my putting down a resolution for the Town Council to take action BUT three and a half years on it just could be that that the Town Council is about to step in.

Word is that Maghull Town Council has meetings planned for January 2017 with Sefton Borough Council and London & Cambridge Properties (they own the shopping centre) with a view to the Town Council potentially taking a part or even a lead in the issue of toilet provision for Maghull’s shopping centre.

Watch this space……………..

Public Toilets in Sefton – Labour makes welcome U-turn (or is that U-bend?)

Maghull toilet campaigners fighting Labour's axe

Campaigners across the Borough have forced Labour run Sefton Council to withdraw its closure threat to all public toilets – This picture shows campaigners fighting for Maghull’s toilets

Campaigners are celebrating the U-turn (or is it U-bend?) of Sefton Council’s Cabinet this week in deciding not to close down all the Borough’s Public Toilets after all.

The announcement came at Sefton’s Cabinet meeting held at Southport Town Hall on Thursday morning. Other measures will, instead, be used to balance the Council’s books.

‘Flushed with success’, Lib Dem Councillor Andrew Blackburn from Maghull said, after the meeting:

“It was an outrageous proposal in the first place. Trying to cut a mere £50,000 by completely removing the public toilet provision showed a serious lack of judgment about priorities. The reaction of residents has been massively against this proposal and I think it is ‘people power’ which caused the Labour Party to change their minds. One can only wonder what came over them to propose such an idea in the first place. ”

Prior to the meeting, Southport Councillor Tony Dawson had pointed out that the amount due to be saved by the measure was roughly the same as trimming the ruling Cabinet down from seven members to five. At nearly £26,000 each, the Sefton Cabinet Members are the most expensive in the area.

“I know which of the two measures the public would support if the choice,” said Councillor Dawson.

” If two Cabinet Members disappeared, the residents of the Borough wouldn’t notice a thing. If the public toilets disappeared, hundreds of people would feel trapped at home and unable to venture out. It would’t help the image of Southport as a tourist resort, either.”

SAVE OUR PUBLIC TOILETS – Maghull campaign launched

Maghull toilet campaigners fighting Labour's axe

Maghull toilet campaigners fighting Labour’s axe

Lib Dems launch round 2 of their campaign to save Maghull’s Central Square toilets from Sefton’s axe.

Liberal Democrat campaigners in Maghull are putting down a clear marker that if Sefton Council closes the toilets at Maghull Square the Town Council should take them on.

We launched a campaign to save the toilets in 2012 when closure was a possibility but now that Sefton’s Labour run Cabinet has earmarked all public toilets in the Borough for closure the Lib Dem campaign has swung back into action.


Says Lib Dem Sefton Councillor Bruce Hubbard “Maghull’s toilets once won awards because they were so well thought of and were so well kept. Now they are not so well kept and the axe of Sefton Council is set to close them. We can’t allow this to happen so I am calling on Maghull Town Council to clearly state that they will save the toilets from closure.”

Bruce is right, these are Maghull’s toilets and Maghull Town Council has to take them on. What’s more they need to be brought back up to a good standard and then well looked after like they used to be. That is just what a Town/Parish Council is all about looking after a vital community facility and Parish Councils across England do this all the time. The challenge is there for Labour run Maghull Council; I know if we were running the Council we would not have to think twice before saving them and making them award winners once again.