Southport – Queenscourt Hospice has their Christmas lights nicked!

The Southport Visiter has the story on its web site – see link above

‘Volunteers at Queenscourt Hospice have been left devastated after vandals made off with Christmas tree lights from outside their BoxTree Kitchen.’

What on earth possessed folk to steal from a hospice? Appalling, utterly appalling and in the season of good will as well.

My good friend Roy Connell spotted this so sad story.

Maghull Wind Orchestra – Plays to sell out audience at Southport’s Little Theatre


The huge orchestra fills the stage


Conductor Phil Shotton

Maghull Wind Orchestra, now over 100 strong, played to a sell out crowd of 400 in Southport’s Little Theatre tonight and a great concert it was too. What’s more around £3,500 was raised from the event in aid of Queenscourt Hospice.

Some great pieces were played but my favourite was The Irish Blessing by Joyce Ellers Bacak, arranged by Adam Dutch. What a beautiful piece. Hope MWO put it on You Tube soon as it deserves a wider audience.

I think there were 3 Maghull councillors present i.e. Jen Robertson in the Orchestra playing the flute, me in the audience and I think I saw Town Mayor Joan Deegan as well.