Trump and the NFL – This is a really interesting insight

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Trump often seems to be on missions that few can get their heads around and yes, I know, we have some pretty strange politicians of the far right over here too.

What I like about this insight is that it probably hits the spot in that Trump may well be someone who simply hits out at whatever is irritating him at any particular moment. It’s also the case that folks are probably learning how to push his buttons. So when he berates the NFL footballers for kneeling when the US national anthem is being played you can bet those who dislike his ‘orders’ will start to press his buttons and good on them too.

Treating people with dignity and respect

The BBC has the video on its web site – see link above

A stirring speech indeed to US Air Force cadets over racist slurs, well done that man racists have to be challenged, they are evil.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Anthony Walker – 12th anniversary but racism still stalks our streets

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

Goodness me is it really 12 years since this appalling crime? Sadly racist crimes are still around and in recent times have been showing a worrying increase. Do some people learn nothing? Hate crime has no place in a civilised society.

Farron, religion and Liberalism

That a thoroughly decent man has been forced from public office is a given and I say that as an atheist.

Yes I was very uncomfortable watching Tim contort himself into knots when asked about his religious views and yes the media were out to do him harm over his religion. Just think about it, how many other leading politicians have strong religious views and how many of them have been hounded out of office for holding them? Blair got some stick because he was Roman Catholic but I struggle to think of many others in recent times.

Did Tim bring trouble upon himself? Well yes to some extent because of this contorted answers that had us all scratching our heads. And you know despite his odd answers he actually did a lot to back minority rights and the LGBT community have acknowledged that apart from what I will call their more militant fringe.

Can you be a Liberal hold religious views? Well you must be able to as there seem to be many people out there who do. Anyway one of the significant strands of liberalism comes from ‘Chapel Liberals’ and Methodism. I am sure my dear old Mum was a Chapel Liberal and I personally know many Lib Dem’s who hold strong religious views and I count them as my friends.

The crunch issue as I see it is this. As a Liberal your guiding light is the rights of others and your being willing to stand up for those rights even when you personally do not subscribe to them. That’s what Tim Farron tried to do, that’s why he stood up for LGBT rights even though his religion was seemingly telling him otherwise. His problem was being unable to publicly reconcile his liberalism and religion when the contradictions were put to him by the media. And once he had shown weakness the first time he was asked about the matter it was always going to be where the media homed in.

Were the media involved in bullying and intimidation? Yes of course they were, indeed they were acting as though they were from the 1950’s and steeped in intolerance with more than a hint of the Spanish Inquisition thrown in for good (or is that bad) measure. It’s as though Farron were being treated as a criminal for holding religious and political views, it’s a sad reflection on our reactionary media and the intolerant times we live in.

Yes of course opposition politicians also exploited Tim’s inability to answer straight forward questions on the potential conflict between his religion and his liberalism. I picked up what I viewed to be political trolling comments on this very matter.

Brexit has split us very deeply because it has brought back into focus views that people used to be ashamed of talking about – racism, intolerance, homophobia, etc. Farron in my view became a victim of that new intolerant culture and it shames our society greatly.

One last thing, the schism on the left of British politics is not actually so much about policy but about libertarian versus authoritarian approaches. In general terms socialism is more authoritarian and liberalism is obviously libertarian. Tell you what is good for you as opposed to giving you the facts to make your own mind up you could say. Quite obviously our society is by its nature these days far more authoritarian and less libertarian. I hope it goes without saying that Conservatism is also authoritarian.

Authoritarian societies don’t tolerate differences from the norm and the norm is usually set by the ruling classes. Farron is, like many Liberals before him and those who will follow him, too libertarian to be tolerated by a media and a political establishment that see most things very black and white, right and wrong.

Don’t look upon Farron as someone you liked or disliked in party political terms, look upon him as someone our society showed the door to because he was not conforming to the norms as interpreted by the media and the establishmnet. Then look at other minorities and think about them too, who will be next?

Oh yes and Farron stood in 2017 General Election on a policy of tolerance!

The hate of racists – Croydon asylum boy assault

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

What on earth does this recent incident say about our deeply troubled society? It says to me that racism has been let out of Pandora’s Box again and it is becoming mainstream. We all know that racism was a motivation for some to vote for Brexit. Of course all Brexit voters are not racists but I am pretty sure that most racists were Brexit voters. But Here’s Jen Robertson’s take on racism and Brexit:-

‘I don’t think all racists voted Brexit because I don’t think racism is quite what we’ve been taught to view it as. It’s not just morons shouting slurs and refusing to sit by people on the bus, it’s a deeper problem subtly endemic within our entire society. And I think it perfectly plausible that there are well-off business owners who voted remain because it makes economic sense while still harbouring racist tendencies that just aren’t as high a priority for them as their money.’

Our right wing press, which strangely seems a little disturbed by the appalling attack in Croydon, has been stirring the pot for a long time now with their overblown headlines blaming everyone that is not British and white for most if not all our troubles. Their influence over certain sections of our society is truly worrying, their lies have plunged us into a quite ridiculous Brexit crisis that will last for years and they have made some folks think that it’s now OK to abuse those who don’t look white or talk the Queens English. Some of us are are descending into the sewer just because the rich and the powerful are printing lies to get us to vote for what they want.

I don’t know about you but I really do worry about the future.