Network Rail – Yet another electrification project ends up in the slow line

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

This is interesting and potentially far reaching as the new timetable, for introduction next May, was meant to have this electrified route up and running. If it’s not then it potentially causes all sorts of problems and the Northern rail franchise in particular may well be in a pickle.

In a pickle because they along with other rail operating companies have either been ordering new rolling stock and/or getting it cascaded to them from other franchise operators. If you have too many electric powered trains because there’s a late completion of a project such as the Manchester – Preston electrification and too few diesel trains trains because you were expecting to be running electric ones then that’s the pickle.

This then means that planned for service improvements, long promised and planned for, may be delayed. And it could be that rail operating companies like Northern may well be saying to Network Rail and the Department for Transport that it’s a pickle they are jointly responsible for not the rail operating company, so sort out the mess and don’t be blaming us!

Here’s a link to a Network Rail video about the difficulties they have encountered on the Manchester – Preston route electrification:-

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Southport – It’s rail link to Manchester is vital if our tourist town is to fulfill its potential

I have commented on this blog site many times about the importance of the Southport – Wigan – Manchester railway line but a recent reading of Nigel Dyckhoff’s book ‘Portrait of the Cheshire Lines Committee’ really does press home why this is the case.

Southport Station at night with a 507/508 EMU awaiting to depart for Liverpool.

Southport Station at night with a 507/508 EMU awaiting to depart for Liverpool.

This quote from the 5th chapter of Nigel’s book (published in 1999) says it all:-

‘Modelled on the exclusive resorts of the South of France and laid out as a garden city, Southport became known in publicity material as the ‘Montpellier of the North’. A fashionable watering place and residential area for the businessmen of Manchester and Liverpool’

Of course in 2016 we would say ‘businessperson’ but what Southport really, really needs (and soon) is the return to the fast train services into Manchester which were lost in the 1960’s. To achieve that the line needs to be electrified before we enter the next Ice Age rather than on the vague goodness knows when Network Rail timetable that presently exists.

Departure board at Southport Station.

Departure board at Southport Station.

It stands to reason, especially with our choked roads/motorways and the lack of an east/west Ormskirk road bypass, that if folks are to live in Southport and have quick and comfortable access into Manchester (like they have into Liverpool) that upgrading of the railway line has to be a top priority for the Town. It will also need a decent park and ride station on the eastern edge of Southport with a significantly large car park.

A Southport bound Class 156 DMU at Burscough Bridge Station on the Southport - Wigan - Manchester Line.

A Southport bound Class 156 DMU at Burscough Bridge Station on the Southport – Wigan – Manchester Line.

This is surely an important way of improving the economy and indeed the retail offer of Southport. It will mean that wealth generated in Manchester can more easily be spent in Southport by people who depend on their income by working in Manchester but who love to live by the sea in Southport.

It’s really not rocket science just a look back to the way Southport used to be so much better rail connected to Manchester.

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

The present campaign to save the Southport rail services into Manchester Piccadilly is of course an important part of developing better rail access to Manchester from Sefton Borough’s tourism Town. The work of OPSTA, Southport Rail Transport Forum and John Pugh MP is vital but where are Merseytravel and Sefton Council in all this?

OPSTA logo

OPSTA logo

Merseytravel had to be dragged into including the Southport – Manchester Line in its Long Term Rail Strategy not so long ago but credit to them for accepting the arguments put forward at the time. But if Southport is to flourish as Merseyside’s tourism capital, which is surely in all our interests, then we will need to see some real, determined and positive campaigning by our Sub-Regional Transport Body and Borough Council, potentially over a number of years, to make serious change happen.

Without an electrified railway offering fast services into Manchester Piccadilly and Victoria Stations Southport will not be able to regain what it once had and so desperately needs. Just read that quote above once more; the railway answer to Southport’s eastern transport link problems is all to obvious!

John Pugh MP – Pushing for Southport’s poor railway line to the east to be upgraded

John Pugh MP

Good to see Southport MP John Pugh taking the opportunity in Parliament to press for improvements in the Southport – Wigan – Manchester Line – see the link above for the full story.

My recent posting about Burscough holding the key to some rail improvements in north Merseyside and West Lancashire may also be of interest for further background:-