Aintree – Lost station buildings – So sad


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Some time ago I posted about how grand Aintree Station (previously know as Aintree Sefton Arms) on the Merseyrail Network had once been as opposed to its clinical uninspiring modern face now. I have since purchased a further old photo that shows off the former station canopy very well. I don’t know the date of the photo though which is displayed above – click on it to enlarge.

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Network Rail – The excursion special to goodness knows where

An Intercity HST from BR days around 1990 just coming off Brunel's famous bridge over the Tamar.

An Intercity HST from BR days (around 1990) just coming off Brunel’s famous Royal Albert Bridge Bridge over the Tamar. Click on the shot to enlarge it.

Back to Railtrack! Oh no, we have been shunted into that siding before. Network Rail clearly has its faults and its problems and its failures but what it needs is good management not another trip down a rundown branch line in a Pacer. Government needs to find the best way to run our railways not simply rerun the old tired argument of public V private ownership.

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Ditton Junction – In Maghull?

Seen from the tow path of the Leeds Liverpool Canal through Maghull at the end of a garden:-

Ditton Junction in Maghull r


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Ditton Junction Station was on the main Liverpool to Runcorn line just to the west of Widnes. The scan of the Ordnance Survey map of Liverpool from 1958 shows the station location. It was the first to be closed by Railtrack following the privatisation of British Rail in 1994. Ditton Railway Station is one of two stations where Paul Simon reputedly composed the song “Homeward Bound”, the other being Widnes railway station.

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Japanese Knotweed – Foxhouse Lane, Maghull

This troublesome plant has been causing problems in Foxhouse Lane, Maghull for some time; at least 15 to 18 years to my knowledge. The plant is on Network Rail land which forms the embankment of the Liverpool – Ormskirk railway line just north of Maghull Station.


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My old chum and former Maghull Town Councillor Charles Walker (see photo above) was tackling it over 15 years ago and he got what was then Railtrack to take action to try to eradicate it. I recall Charles, now a young 93, reminding Railtrack for some years to continue the treatment because I am told it can take 5 or more years to eradicate it. Sadly, the work did not see its demise and it is now getting out of control again and growing under the pavement in Foxhouse Lane causing Sefton Council to try to address the problem as well.

The redoubtable Maghull In Bloom Volunteers are also on the case.

The link below to a wikipedia page gives more information about this invasive plant.