Waterloo – An afternoon at Old Christ Church and its rather fine beer festival

A trip to Waterloo on the 133 bus was called for today so that Keith Page and I could enjoy what was on offer at Waterloo Beer Festival.

Old Christ Church (no longer a functioning church) is a great place for all kinds of events but it was the first time I had been to a beer festival there. A great afternoon was has had checking out porters, dark ales and stouts.

Liverpool Pidgeon – A Micro Pub for Crosby


The Crosby Herald has the story and the current edition of Mersey Ale, magazine of Liverpool & District Camra, runs a two page article on it.

Is this one potential future for the badly struggling pub trade where 70 odd pubs close each week across England? It will certainly break the power of the Pubco’s who are strangling the life out of pubs by operating as property companies.