Formby – Unexploded bombs?

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

Quote from the article:- Concerned residents say two unexploded WW2 bombs remain buried under the site – although Redrow says when it commissioned surveys of the site, nothing was found.

Official records state two bombs did in fact fall on Formby in 1941, and that both were abandoned, as opposed to exploded or removed. This was also confirmed by police at the time.

Liverpool – Calderstones Park Miniature Railway & a rather unpopular house building scheme

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Those who know me will realise that I am into railways of any scale so it will be no surprise that I picked up on this Echo article.

The Echo story reads as a good news one until you get towards the end of it because the potential bonus for the miniature railway (must get around to visiting it) is really built upon the loss of much loved green space for housing. The story is also very different from the one the paper published in October 2014:-

Obviously I wish the miniature railway well but not at the expense of valuable urban green space being built upon.

Maghull – Houses for Parkhaven Trust site off Green Lane

This is the site looking towards the Allotments from Green Lane. It has been used as farm land in the recent past.

This is the site looking towards the Allotments from Green Lane. It has been used as farm land in the recent past.

This story goes back to July of 2013 when Andrew Blackburn and I voted against this site (bounded by Green Lane and South Meade) being developed for housing but Labour’s councillors voted for it to be built upon. That vote was on Sefton’s Planning Committee when we were both Borough Councillors for Park Ward in Maghull. I posted twice on the matter back in July/August 2013 and the links to those postings are below:-

Now it seems that Redrow the house builder is going to take the planning permission forward and start construction of 57 houses.

Frankly my views have not changed in that the unique parkland layout of the former Maghull Homes Estate is being irrevocably compromised and will be lost for ever.

What I also fear is that we will get more 3 and 4 bedroom Houses when what we need are 1 and 2 bedroom properties. Having said that I still would not build on this parkland area of the Town. So if the development goes ahead which it now surely will, following that vote back in July 2013, we could not only lose more unique parkland heritage but also ‘gain’ houses that don’t address local housing need. What a double whammy!

Oh and to answer a query I have heard. The site is not mentioned in Sefton Council’s infamous Local Plan, I assume, as it was given planning permission 3 years ago. If my understanding is correct a new planning application is being submitted for the site but the principle of it being developed was agreed in July of 2013 sadly.