Seaforth/Liverpool 2 – The container ship that could have sunk

The Liverpool Echo and BBC both have articles on their websites – see link below:-

A quite remarkable listing of this huge container ship. I’ve not photographed this particular MSC vessel previously on the Mersey but here’s a sister ship of the same line:-

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Mersey Gateway Bridge – It’s troubles

The Liverpool Echo has the article on its web site – see link above

For such a welcome and positive project it seems to have been mired in controversy ever since it opened a few months back. This Echo article points to all the ways there seem to be to make a few bob out of the passing motorist.

And the much older Runcorn-Widnes Bridge will be joining that controversy it seems when it reopens after refurbishment.

Building the Mersey Tunnels

The Art Deco portal to Queensway the first Mersey Tunnel

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

These are the tickets my family were given when we walked through the new (2nd) Tunnel in 1971, the day before it opened to vehicles.

This is the front page of the booklet produced to celebrate of the opening of Kingsway Tunnel in 1971.

I have always been fascinated by the Mersey Tunnels, their history and how they were constructed. This Liverpool Echo article gives an interesting insight into both of them.

New Runcorn – Widnes Bridge Fraud Scam

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

There does not seem to be much in the world of the Internet that is not open to fraud these days but locals who want to register to use the new Mersey Gateway Bridge need to be careful of this scam.

Bootle – Mouth of the Mersey

I thought I would share these two photographs which I took some 15 months apart. The changes in Bootle and Seaforth’s dockland area in this short period of time is striking.

April 2015

Mouth of the Mersey

July 2016

Mouth of the Mersey II

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Both photos are amongst my Flickr shots at:-