Hate Crime – Rosie Cooper MP – An Update

On 27th October this year I ran the posting below on this blog site:-


Today I received this letter in the post

Some things transcend party political boundaries and probably far more should. No one should have to put up with hate crime, end of.

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Hate Crime – Rosie Cooper MP


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

I know Rosie Cooper because she has previously held public office as a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Liverpool (and as a Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate) before holding her present position in public life as Labour MP for West Lancashire. Can’t say I’ve spoken to her for some years now but it was quite a shock to see on TV last night that she has allegedly become a victim of hate crime.

Rosie and I may not share a common political agenda these days but for her to find herself being threatened like this is utterly appalling.

I’m guessing that the full story behind this will come out in court. My thoughts are with her.

Southport – Manchester Trains – Please support this petition


Departure board at Southport Station.

Departure board at Southport Station.

The petition available via the link above is well worth supporting as we try to stop Arriva Trains Northern/Network Rail and other public bodies making all Southport – Wigan – Manchester trains go into Manchester Victoria Station.

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

Presently around half go into Manchester Piccadilly Station which is far more convenient for commuters working in Manchester.

OPSTA logo

OPSTA logo

Southport Rail Transport Forum, OPSTA (Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers Association) and MP’s representing constituencies along the this line, such as John Pugh (Southport), Rosie Cooper (West Lancashire) etc. are all backing the campaign. The petition started by Lisa Nandy MP (Wigan) is a part of that campaign and I urge folk to sign it.

Southport & West Lancs – Manchester Trains – Local MP’s cheesed off by Arriva Rail North and just about everyone else involved in the North West rail industry

A return to that knotty problem of the railway powers that be making all trains from Southport, Burscough, Parbold etc. run into Manchester Victoria Station from 2017. A bad idea if ever I heard one as it is clear that rail travellers on the line want half the trains to continue to go through to Manchester Piccadilly as they do now.

L:ib Dem Leader Tim Farron at Southport Station with Southport Councillor David Pullin.

Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron at Southport Station with Southport Councillor David Pullin.

The campaign to get Network Rail, Rail North and Arriva Rail North to reverse their decision recently came to a head with local MP’s leading the charge with OPSTA and Southport Rail Transport Forum etc.

Parbold Level Crossing

Parbold Level Crossing

To say the MP’s were unimpressed with what they heard is putting it too politely. Here’s what Rosie Cooper Labour MP for West Lancashire thinks:-


And here’s a report on events from Southport Rail Transport Forum:-


Looks to me as though Southport, West Lancashire and Wigan rail travellers have been shafted by a rail industry that did not consult them before it made the decision and has not backed off since. Who are our railways being run for? The convenience of the rail industry or for the ticket buying passengers? It seems we know the answer!!

Southport – Wigan – Manchester Trains. Are services to Piccadilly and Manchester Airport being axed? It seems so unless OPSTA and SRTF campaigners can stop it happening.

Departure board at Southport Station.

Departure board at Southport Station.

Below is the text of a leaflet/poster that is presently being distributed to travellers on Southport – Manchester trains by OPSTA (Ormskirk, Preston & Southport Travellers Association) ans SRTF (Southport Rail Transport Forum) members.


It’s at this time of the year that you don’t want to be hanging around a platform waiting to change trains but that’s exactly what commuters travelling to Deansgate, Oxford Road or Manchester Piccadilly will face after December 2017 if we let rail planners have their own way.

OPSTA logo

OPSTA logo

The plans to axe direct services were revealed to SRTF and OPSTA by Merseytravel and Arriva Rail North in meetings held in the offices of local MPs John Pugh [Southport] and Rosie Cooper [West Lancashire] before Christmas and in January.

The decision to axe services flies in the face of evidence collected in surveys in late 2014 and again in 2015 to find out how the Manchester services [from Southport]were being used.

Key Findings from Passenger Survey Autumn 2015

Every weekday 1000 passengers take one of the morning commuter services towards Manchester from stations between Southport and Gathurst.

Over 70% will remain on the train until they reach one of the 5 city centre stations – Deansgate, Oxford Rd and Piccadilly on the ‘Piccadilly line’, Salford Central and Victoria on the ‘Victoria line’

There is an overall 60:40 split between those disembarking at Piccadilly versus Victoria line stations; it was exactly this split at Appley Bridge and an equal ratio at Gathurst (i.e. 1:1).

Are these proposals set in stone? We believe there is a short window of three or four months to mount a coordinated approach involving commuters, businesses and local authorities to get rail chiefs to rethink their plans and arrive at a solution which is customer based and not merely for the benefit of timetablers.

Our surveys have said how much you care about these services. Now you must play your part to save them. Please contact OPSTA by e-mail or SRTF via Facebook – addresses below – and we’ll send you information explaining how exactly you can make your voice heard. Time is of the essence. Success depends on presenting a coherent voice.


Southport Rail Transport Forum is working with
Ormskirk Preston and Southport Travellers’ Association (OPSTA)
for better trains and more efficient connections with Lancashire and Manchester.