What David Steel thinks went wrong for Nick Clegg & the Lib Dems



The Guardian newspaper has the story – see link above.

There are clearly going to be many people giving their opinions on what went wrong for the Lib Dems and indeed Labour in the recent General Election but I quite like this piece from David Steel who was the Liberal Leader when I first joined the Party in 1980.

With thanks to Roy Connell for leading me to the article.

The Conservatives big black hole – Will they fill it on the backs of the poor? You bet they will


What with Labour planning to borrow too much (again) and the Tories planning to cut too much (again) there’s only one progressive place for your vote – the Lib Dems. And if the SNP get their hands on power (and around Ed Miliband’s neck) just think how Labour’s borrowing will spiral even more out of control!

With thanks to my old chum Roy Connell for bringing the Guardian article to my attention.

Out on the campaign trail – Boy it was cold (all our) yesterday(s)

Was out on the campaigning trail and leafleting over the weekend with my old chum Roy Connell.

It was a bitter cold but well worth the effort to fly the Lib Dem flag.

Bruce, Tom, Bill, Roy & John

Roy and I go back a long, long way and we speculated about how many times we had been out on the campaign trail together and how many leaflets we had delivered. The conclusion was that it must be hundreds of thousands – far too many to count. And this got me thinking…….

In the photo above, taken by me outside Maghull Town Hall @1992, Roy is the tall one second from the right. Like me and indeed our fellow Lib Dem campaigners in the shot (Bruce Hubbard, Tom Smith, Bill Chambers and John Sharman) we were all a lot younger then! Sadly, Tom has passed away since this photo was taken. Bill now lives in Spain I understand but Bruce and John, like Roy and I, are still about and both Bruce and John are stalwarts of Maghull and Aughton Rotary.

Clatterbridge cancer charity


My old chum and former Sefton Councillor for Maghull’s Sudell Ward, Roy Connell, has just completed a 50 mile cycle ride to help raise money for Clatterbridge cancer charity. He is pictured above (right hand side) with a fellow cyclist and an Ainsdale friend of Roy’s.

I understand Roy was ‘knackered’ after today’s ride which started in Banks and went out to Houghton Tower and back. Well done to all the exhausted cyclists, the cause is worth it indeed.

Ted Kennedy – A powerful speech on America’s minimum wage


Politics in the UK is very much these days a world of few if any real leaders, so lets remind ourselves of a giant of American politics taking on shifty Republicans. Well worth watching and listening to.

Thanks thanks to Roy Connell for pointing this video out to me.