Southport and Sainsburys – A saga from which Southport’s Lord Street shopping center can only lose from surely?

Southport’s famous Lord Street shops

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its website – see link below:-

Looking up – Some of Lord Street’s frontages are quite beautiful but empty shop units are a worry.

Southport – Sainsburys’ Meols Cop development troubles

Cllr. John Pugh

Southport’s former MP is still on the campaign trail as a Sefton Borough Councillor for Dukes Ward; here he’s taking on the might of Sainsburys as the link below to a Liverpool Echo article details:-

Brexit – Shoppers ‘in the dark’ about Brexit effect

UK shoppers are “completely in the dark” about the effect Brexit will have on their weekly shop, a former Sainsbury’s boss has told BBC Panorama.

Justin King, who ran the supermarket for a decade, said the “last thing” any current supermarket boss would reveal was their intention to put up prices.

But he added it was “very clear” shoppers would face “higher prices, less choice and poorer quality”.

The main supermarkets declined to speak to BBC Panorama.

Mr King, who ran Sainsbury’s until 2014, said: “Brexit, almost in whatever version it is, will introduce barriers.

“That makes it less efficient which means all three of those benefits – prices, quality and choice – go backwards.”

Says it all in a few words, so did the slim 52% majority of those who voted in the EU Referendum really want this consequence?

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Maghull – Netto – As it pulls out of the UK again what happens to the one being built in Maghull?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Now here’s a turn up for the books as a Netto Store is presently in the early stages of construction on the site of the old Maghull Library and Stafford Moreton Youth Centre in Maghull Town Centre.

Stafford Moreton Stafford Moreton Youth Centre gone for a Netto store to be built - June 2016

Stafford Moreton Stafford Moreton Youth Centre gone for a Netto store to be built – June 2016

Will another retailer step in an acquire the Maghull site ?

Why pull out when you are building stores?

Would Maghull welcome an Aldi? (Morrisons certainly would not!)

Answers? Well the Sainsbury’s retail group seem to be pulling all the strings.