Lydiate – Sandy Ln/Lambshear Ln junction dangers

I’ve long thought that this is a dangerous junction and blogged about one aspect of it back in June 2015 – see link below:-

But whilst that plea obviously failed to push Sefton Council Highways Dept into action there is clearly another danger which I’ve witnessed a number of times recently. If you’re turning right out of Sandy Lane into Lambshear Lane you are often faced with a vehicle which has come from Lydiate Village Centre direction and which wants to turn right into Sandy Lane cutting the corner and all but hitting the vehicle/cyclist trying to turn right.

So that’s two dangers at this junction that could do with being looked into by Sefton Council, I hope they’ll try to look into them before there’s a nasty crunch!

Lydiate – Route of Sandy Lane – Moss Lane footpath identified

Dog run area seen looking towards Sandy Ln. The public right of way is to the left where the corner fence post is

I’ve blogged a few times over the issues surrounding the route of this public footpath/public right of way and the fact that this matter came to light as a consequence of Lydiate Parish Council creating a fenced in dog-run area on its Sandy Lane Playing Field earlier this year.

Anyway, there was a site meeting a few days ago between Lydiate Parish Council and Sefton Council’s Rights of Way Officer, which I was unable to attend but now know the outcome of.

Firstly, the legal line of the public right of way is not affected by the fence of the dog enclosure. Investigations (by Sefton’s ROW Officer) have shown that the path (looking at it from the Sandy Ln end) runs to the east of the fencing, in an area of overgrown vegetation but as the path heads towards Moss Lane it straddles the edge of the mowed grass of Sandy Lane Park and the overgrown vegetation. I’m told there are some metal posts within the vegetation that appear to correspond with the eastern edge of the footpath.

The consequence of these findings is that the legal line of the path will need to be reinstated, which Sefton Council will lead on. The legal line has clearly not been used for some years and as a result some of the vegetation has become well established. I’m told it was agreed that setting out the footpath and a full assessment of the works required is difficult at the moment due to the growth of the vegetation and that the Parish Council remains happy for people to continue to use the edge of the park until the matter is resolved.

Footpath sign at Sandy Ln – There’s a similar one off Moss Ln

I understand that Sefton Council will review the required works in early autumn, with the Parish Council, and agree the extent of them. The Parish Council expressed a wish to try and keep some of the more established trees. Sefton will consider this where possible.

I’d like to thank Sefton’s ROW officer for his efforts to resolve this issue working with the Parish Council. It seems like a mutually agreeable way forward has now been found.

Dog run area seen looking towards Sandy Ln. The public right of way is to the left where the corner fence post is.

Lydiate – More on that strange public footpath issue at Sandy Lane Park

Footpath sign at Sandy Ln – There’s a similar one off Moss Ln

I’ve blogged a couple of times recently about Lydiate Footpath No.14 which links Sandy Lane to Moss Lane.

To recap, its become an issue following Lydiate Parish Council creating a fenced dog-run area a few weeks back which means that footpath users effectively have to walk through the dog-run.

Dog run area seen looking towards Sandy Ln. The public right of way is somewhere to the left where the corner fence post is

Attempts to define exactly where the public footpath is have come to nought (so far) as it’s not detailed on the deeds for Sandy Lane Park. This could mean that the path is actually on the neighbouring framer’s field and this angle is now being checked out by Sefton Council’s Footpath’s Officer who regulates public rights of way in the Borough.

Another strand to this odd story is that if the definitive route has not been recorded on any land deeds (which logically it should have been) then the back-stop is using a piece of law which allows Sefton Council to define the right of way route based on what has been used by the public for a 20 year period. It won’t take long for those familiar with the footpath to realise that the edge of Sandy Lane Park is what has been used as the footpath for many, many years. Certainly I’ve lived in Maghull & Lydiate since 1968 and I’ve never known the route of the path to be anywhere else. Here’s a link to the appropriate law provided via the Ramblers Association:-

A few years back, when I was a Borough Councillor for Aintree Village, I helped with a campaign to gain a public right of way from Aintree Lane (at the side of Melling Road) through to the Leeds Liverpool Canal towpath using this 20 year rule as the basis for the claim. That battle was won and I use that path regularly to gain access to the canal towpath when I’m cycling locally. Here’s a photo which includes a part of that path:-

The new public right of way is the path which turns off the towpath to the right in this photo

More news as things develop…….

The last photo is amongst my Flickr photos at:-

Lydiate – Car on fire Sandy Lane

Late this afternoon a Peugeot 208 was found on fire with its windscreen stoved in and rear end smashed up – Lambshear Lane end of Sandy Lane. Residents rushed out and a car driver stopped but fortunately there was no one in the car.

Assumption is that it had been stolen and abandoned. Police and Fire Brigade called out.

With thanks to Keith Page for the lead to this posting.

Lydiate – Multi purpose sports area back on agenda

The last meeting of Lydiate Parish Council (25th October) seemed quite positive about going ahead with a project to resurface the tennis courts at Sandy Lane Playing Field and in doing so make the courts multi-use.


This had been the plan for a few months but the September meeting of the Council indicated that some Council members were doubtful about taking the project forward due to the cost and worries about future use of this caged sports area.

This is the present run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface.

This is the present run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface.

Such multi-use sports areas are called MUGA’s (Multi Use Games Areas) and I have favoured going ahead with the project since we first discussed it. Yes it will be expensive but if we as a community want to get young people out of their houses and off their X Boxes then we need to provide a facility that will offer a alternative.

There were no quotes available at the October meeting for the cost of the works but Lydiate’s Parish Clerk has asked Sefton Council to seek such quotes on the Parish Council’s behalf.

More news when I get it.