Lydiate – The long haul to try to address sporting deficiencies at Sandy Lane Playing Field

The Clerk of Lydiate Parish Council, her staff and I met with a representative of Liverpool County FA on 11th January to try to move forward the process of identifying how the Parish Council can upgrade facilities at this playing field.

I have mentioned before the poor state of the tennis courts and the need for them to be brought up to the standard of a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). My previous postings refer and within the one below is a report on the matter from the November ’17 Parish Council meeting:-

The meeting on the 11th was to see whether the Football Foundation, via the local FA, would be willing to support a project that could also see, if the funding can be put in place, the present changing room building fully refurbished and probably extended. The present building is pretty much as built in the 1970’s and with the growth of women’s football and the need for disability access it is hardly suitable for purpose these days.

Sandy Lane Changing Rooms building in March 2016

Coupled with the MUGA plan and a big changing room upgrade the football pitches will probably need some further work doing to them to counter flooding problems.

So this was the huge agenda we discussed to see how things could be moved forward. It’s probably the case that other grant giving bodies such as Sport England and the National Lottery will need to be approached too particularly with regard to funding for the MUGA as this is not something that the Football Foundation will support.

More news when I get it.

Lydiate – News from the November Parish Council meeting

A few highlights from last Tuesday’s Parish Council meeting

* Parish Council to spend £500 buying boundary planter troughs to go on Lydiate boundary signs for the Lydiate in Flower volunteer group. They will look similar to this Maghull one:-

* A £803 grant bid by Lydiate PC to the Lydiate-only John Gore Trust has been successful. It will help run community events at Lydiate Village Centre.

* Lydiate PC will continue to pay the Living Wage to its staff as opposed to the lower Minimum Wage. Music to the ears of this old trade unionist who helped bring in the LW to the Parish Council some years ago.

* A bid is being made to the Tesco Bags of Help grant fund to raise funds to set up a community garden, working with Lydiate in Flower volunteer group, on the Lambshear lane field where Lydiate Village Centre sits.

* Harking back to my previous postings about the potential for a multi-use sports area on Sandy Lane Park an initial expression of interest type bid is being made to a Football Foundation/Lottery for what would be a massive project to rebuild the present football changing rooms and progress the multi-use sports area idea.

This is the run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface. Could they be rebuilt as a multi-use games area – MUGA?

Far too early to raise expectations about what will clearly be a hugely expensive, but most welcome project, if the Parish Council can once again be a successful grant bidder – It raised £0.5m from the National Lottery when the Village Centre was being constructed and which opened its doors in 2010.

Lydiate – Tennis Courts get amber light for resurfacing

I have covered this issue before but to recap the present state of the surface of the courts at Sandy Lane Park is poor so Lydiate Parish Council is looking to correct that. They presently look like this:-

This is the present run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface.

This is the present run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface.

They could end up looking like this:-


Well not quite like that but you get my drift. In fact the Parish Council wants them to be munti-use not just for tennis which is a short season game outside for many folk. A multi-use facility like this is called a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and it could be marked out for other sports too such as five-a-side football, netball, basketball etc.

The big issue will be paying for the works so the Parish Council is looking for potential grants from Sport England and the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association). We hope we can pull together a funding package and gain the backing of Lydiate’s 3 primary schools, scouts, guides etc. to enable a bid to be made for grants.

The issue will come back to the Parish Council in March of 2017.

Lydiate – Keeping up appearances (and safety) in the parks and gardens

Lydiate Parish Council presently has children’s play areas with equipment at Sandy Lane Park, Kenyons Park and Ridgeway Park, it also has outdoor fitness equipment on the site of Lydiate Village Centre.

This is Ridgeway Park otherwise know as Coronation Park.

This is Ridgeway Park otherwise know as Coronation Park.

All this equipment needs to be maintained and the Parish Council approved expenditure of over £800 at its October meeting to address repair and maintenance issues identified in a recent inspection report.

Lydiate PC grounds maintenance staff at work in Liverpool Road outside St. Gregs Church.

Lydiate PC grounds maintenance staff at work in Liverpool Road outside St. Gregs Church.

On a wider maintenance front, across all the areas the Parish Council presently looks after within Lydiate, this scan of a report to the October Parish Council meeting from the Head Groundsman shows what he and his 2 co-workers do within the community:-


Click on the report to enlarge it for reading

St Catherine's otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

St Catherine’s Chapel otherwise known as Lydiate Abbey

Lydiate – Multi purpose sports area back on agenda

The last meeting of Lydiate Parish Council (25th October) seemed quite positive about going ahead with a project to resurface the tennis courts at Sandy Lane Playing Field and in doing so make the courts multi-use.


This had been the plan for a few months but the September meeting of the Council indicated that some Council members were doubtful about taking the project forward due to the cost and worries about future use of this caged sports area.

This is the present run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface.

This is the present run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface.

Such multi-use sports areas are called MUGA’s (Multi Use Games Areas) and I have favoured going ahead with the project since we first discussed it. Yes it will be expensive but if we as a community want to get young people out of their houses and off their X Boxes then we need to provide a facility that will offer a alternative.

There were no quotes available at the October meeting for the cost of the works but Lydiate’s Parish Clerk has asked Sefton Council to seek such quotes on the Parish Council’s behalf.

More news when I get it.