Weld Blundell Pub bites the dust in Lydiate?

It’s a year ago that I blogged about 3 pubs along a mile of road in Litherland/Netherton closing and now news reaches me of the seeming demise of the Weld Blundell Pub next to Lydiate’s Village Green.

The Weld Blundell in happier times - 2008

The Weld Blundell in happier times – 2008

I don’t know what the issues are with the Welly, so you never know it may reopen but it looks rather sad at present all boarded up .

My posting of March last year on closing pubs is available via this link:-

Let’s hope the Welly does open again soon.

CAMRA calls for change to save pubs

The Campaign for Real Ale has called for a change in legislation that would mean that a planning application is always needed before a pub is demolished or converted into another use, a change it believes would help protect the UK’s pubs, which are closing at a rate of 31 a week. “It is utterly perverse that developers are able to demolish or convert a pub into a convenience store, or many other uses, without any requirement to apply for planning permission,” stated CAMRA’s Tom Stainer.

The Guardian has run this story recently.

The campaigning around the now closed Priory Pub in Litherland comes to mind. My previous postings about the campaign are worth referring to:-

Campaigners outside the Priory Pub trying to save it.

Campaigners outside the Priory Pub trying to save it.