Maghull – Latest Photos of Maghull North Railway Station

A Merseyrail Ormskirk to Liverpool train rushes past the construction site on 19th February. Seen from the Park Lane overbridge. The new Poppy Fields development is on the left and Mersey Avenue housing is to the right.

Maghull North’s controversial new twin towers (lift shafts) as seen from the School Lane overbridge also on 19th February.This shot reverses the view so Mersey Avenue is to the left and Poppy Fields to the right.

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Maghull – Latest newsletter to residents living around the new Maghull North Station site

This is the latest newsletter delivered to residents of the Mersey Avenue area who are significantly impacted on by the construction works:-

I note that there’s another opportunity for Mersey Avenue residents to meet the station construction team at Maghull Town Hall on 18th January at 6pm.

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Maghull North Station – Progress on its construction

Things are really moving now as can be seen from the shot below taken from the School Lane overbridge today.

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The platform edgings are now visible. The line north of the present Maghull Station remains closed to Merseyrail trains to and from Ormskirk until Monday 8th January. However, as the RMT union is on strike on the 8th and trains will not be running north of Maghull for that reason then the engineering works will continue throughout that day too.

The photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Maghull – Poppy Fields – SUD fills up

SUD (Sustainable urban Drainage) – A big pond to collect water at times of heavy/persistent rainfall, which is then pumped away when the local drainage ditches can cope with the withheld water. Well that’s my definition anyway. A more technically correct definition, via Wikipedia, is available in this link:-

And the reason for this interest in urban drainage? Well Maghull has a SUD pond on the new Poppy Fields* housing development off School Lane and here’s a photo of it pretty full of water on 22nd December:-

If my understanding is correct, it will be drained via a pipe network that ends up in Whinney Brook and from what I saw when I took this photo it was in the process of being pumped out.

My previous photo of this SUD pod was taken on 11th November, soon after it had been dug out:-

Looking over the recently created rainwater collection pond. School Lane is behind the fence in the background.

With the high water table in the Maghull area I am guessing that it will often have water in it.

All new land development projects will have some form of SUD associated with them these days but the big question is how well will they cope with flash downpours.

And related to this site I noticed that the first occupants of the Poppy Fields housing development were moving in when I was there on 22nd.

Also I noticed a large banner which told me and anyone else reading it that the development is made up of 3, 4 and 5 bedroomed houses. But what do we need? 1 and 2 bedroomed properties and single level houses as starter homes and for the elderly to move into to free up larger properties for families, oh and social housing for rent too of course.

Yep, housing policy is a mess and it has been this way for at least the past 30 years.

* This piece of land was the uncontroversial housing development site in Maghull, during the Local Plan process, where environmental campaigners agreed it was suitable for building.

Maghull North Station – Construction progress over 4 months

I’ve been tracking the progress of the construction of Maghull’s second railway station which is due open in May 2018

Work started during September and here are 4 shots showing the stages of construction up to 16th December:-

7th September 2017

19th October 2017

17th November 2017

16th December 2017

All the photos were taken from the School Lane overbridge.

Things will really start to move soon with lift towers being the most obvious addition to the foundations already laid for them. The station building will be on the right hand side next to the Poppy Fields housing development on the former Ashworth South Site. According to drawings produced by/for Merseytravel the station buildings and car park will look like this:-

But despite this positive progress let’s not forget the residents of Maghull’s Mersey Avenue (who live in houses to the left in the 4 photos) who are having to put up with a lot of noise and inconvenience, especially at night, whilst the new station is being built.

Maghull – Another ‘relaunch’ of the Maghull North Station project

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station.  Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station. Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

I have lost track (sorry) of the number of announcements and re-announcements about the building of Maghull’s yet to appear second railway station. I have blogged about it numerous times too. The project has been so long on the books that it probably has more chapters than the Bible.

Oh just get on with it so that local worthies can have their picture taken claiming they all had it built.

BTW has the price jumped to £13m? It’s not so long ago that Merseytravel were quoting £7m+ figure, but then again £13m is a £7m+ figure!