Scotch Piper – Doesn’t it look a treat

Lydiate’s famous Scotch Piper Pub is back up and running after the devastating fire to its thatched roof not so long ago. And it looks a treat now with it’s new wig, a coat of whitewash and bedecked with flowers.

I understand that Edie Pope of Church View Farm did the planters/flowers.

And this is what it looked like after the fire:-

What a difference a few weeks can make to this famous Listed Building known across the north west of England.

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The Scotch has a new wig


It’s not so long ago that the Scotch Piper pub suffered a really bad fire which destroyed its thatched roof. My posting on the day of the fire is available via the link below:-

Now after weeks of being behind scaffolding and plastic sheeting the new almost finished new thatched roof is there for all to see and it’s looking good.

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The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-