Famous Scotch Piper Pub goes up in flames again

Lydiate’s famous Scotch Piper Pub has gone up in flames within the last hour and it’s the second fire involving its thatched roof in a matter of weeks.


The first fire was thought to have been caused by a chimney fire but it was nowhere near as extensive as this afternoon’s blaze.


I counted 5 fire engines and a Merseyside Fire and Rescue control vehicle and as I post this news the fire is still burning in the thatch.

Such a sad event to strike such an historic building.

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Lydiate – Carols & Bells to raise funds to save Lydiate Abbey

No sooner had I mentioned Lydiate Abbey (last posting) than I am asked to help the Friends of the Abbey publicise their Carols & Bells event to be held at the Scotch Piper Inn on Wednesday 7th December at 7.30pm.

Lydiate Abbey - a winter shot

Lydiate Abbey – a winter shot

I am informed it will be a sing along to all your favourite carols and Christmas songs and that all the money raised will go towards saving Lydiate Abbey and improving its surrounding area.