Maghull – The 1909 map that fills a wall in Scrummies

One of my favourite places to stop off whilst on a cycle ride locally is Scrummies Cafe at Treeview Court/Station Road in Maghull.

One wall of the cafe is all about the local area using historic photos and a great representation of an Ordnance Survey map painted directly onto the wall. It depicts Maghull as per the 1909 OS map.

I love OS maps and can spend hours looking at one so if you see someone in Scrummies staring vacantly onto the wall I’m taking about then you’ll know it’s me.

Oh and btw their bacon barms are great too.

Maghull – Canalfest almost became a swimming fest!

The organisers did a great job in the build up to yesterday’s celebrations and all was nicely set up for a grand day. Trouble is you can’t order the great British weather to turn up shinning and it turned up bucketing!

From 3pm it was very heavy rain but even so everyone seemed to be making the best of it and having fun. We certainly got wet and Scrummies refreshment marquee was full to bursting.

Packed into Scrummies refreshment tent

Packed into Scrummies refreshment tent

It was great to see all the barges, narrow boats and canal cruisers lined up along the edge of Maghull Cricket and Football field.

Neatly lined up

The Mayor of Sefton was in attendance (Iain Brodie Brown) and I wondered whether we could hastily organise a charity fund raising stall offering a prize for the person who could wring the most water out of the Mayor’s best suit!

His Worship r

Why not visit Iain’s own Mayoral blog site for his thoughts on the day – see link below:-

Our Maghull in Bloom colleagues tell me that they had a highly successful day raising over £1,000 to put towards improving the Maghull environment.

The Maghull in Bloom stall during setting up.

The Maghull in Bloom stall during setting up.

All in all a great day. We Brits know how to enjoy the rain whilst celebrating the 200th anniversary of the complete opening of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.