Sefton Church – A Dickensian Christmas Fayre and a blast from my past.


Sheila and I went along to the Dickensian Fayre held in the church last Saturday and despite the cold (the church heating had broken down so it was only warm in the Vestry) we had a good time.

Sefton Church's Dickensian Fayre. You can see the candelabra I lit as a young chap for church services.

Sefton Church’s Dickensian Fayre. You can see the candelabra I lit as a young chap for church services.

This 800+ year old church is fascinating and I have to confess that I was a choir boy there from around 1969 to 1972. Electricity was only installed in the main church building during my time there. Prior to that I went early to services with old Bert Sutcliffe of Rossyln Avenue Maghull to light the candelabra and oil lamps.

Here I am sat in the choir stalls:-

I recall sitting in this very seat - if memory serves all of course!

I recall sitting in this very seat – if memory serves well of course!

I met a lady there called Beryl from Lunt (sorry Beryl I did not catch your second name) who was attending the church at the same time I was and we reminisced about folk we had known back then – Gerry Brown the organist who sadly died quite young, Nan and Bert Sutcliffe, Mrs Payne, Owen Yandall the Rector etc.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the church:-’s_Church,_Sefton

We had a lovely cup of hot soup and a bread roll in the warm Vestry and then went outside to have a look at the church from there (I am sure it was warmer outside!). Have a look at this photo, you can clearly see where the wall and window have been rebuilt as a part of the original stone window frame has been left behind.


A bit of ‘All Our Yesterdays’ for me and a chance to meet so many lovely people from the local area. I was even invited to rejoin the choir by this fine looking Dickensian chap:-


I don’t think I could repeat that Once in Royal David’s City solo again in the church no matter how hard I tried! And anyway I’m an atheist these days.

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Maghull Wind Orchestra at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral

Tonight the ever growing reputation of Maghull Wind Orchestra went up another notch as they played to a packed audience in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.



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The performance also included a Chamber Choir from Belvedere Academy who unfortunately were rather drowned out by the Cathedral organ but came into their own when singing to a piano. Their rendition of Once in Royal David’s City brought back memories of my own solo performance of this popular Christmas carol at St. Helen’s Church in Sefton Village many, many moons ago. I was a choir boy there and before that at St. Andrew’s Church in Maghull in the days when I followed my parents religion.

But back to MWO whom I have seen in action twice in the past 3 days. I understand there were around 90 of them playing tonight and a wonderful sound they made too. They seem to make a big impression wherever they play and they must be doing more than their bit to put Maghull on the musical map.

Sefton Borough – It’s named after an historic village with an historic church

In a break in the bitterly cold weather of recent days I went back to St.Helen’s Church in Sefton Village to have a look at the ancient church where, and please don’t tell anyone, this old atheist was once a choir boy!,_Sefton
It really is a beautiful building and I love to take photos of it:-




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Switch Island to Sefton Village – A golden landscape


We can easily forget what beautiful part of the world we live in. Standing with my back to the busy Switch Island this idyllic vista came into view. Historic Sefton Church and Sefton Village are in the background and the raised bunds of the River Alt are on the right together with Jubilee Woods. Just out of shot to the left are the ongoing works to build the new Switch Island to Thornton Link Road – Brooms Cross Road as it is to be called. Also just out of shot on the right is the embankment of the former Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway.

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Sefton Village Conservation Area

Probably the best known and historically most prominent Conservation Area in the Borough of Sefton is the one that the Borough is indeed named after.

St Helen’s Church is a delight with parts of it being well over 800 years old. If you get the chance to visit it please don’t miss out.

St. Helen's Church, Sefton

St. Helen’s Church, Sefton

I recall back in 1994 a team of handbell ringers from Arizona playing there and they were quite staggered with age of the church and its history. Their visit was as part of a tour involving Maghull’s accomplished hand Bell ringers. See their web site at:-

Ye olde Sephton Bowls Club

Ye olde Sephton Bowls Club

Punch Bowl Pub

Punch Bowl Pub

Punch Bowl Pub with St. Helen's Church

Punch Bowl Pub with St. Helen’s Church

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