Maghull Wind Orchestra rock the Palm House yet again

Another great concert from Maghull Wind Orchestra at Liverpool’s iconic Palm House in Sefton Park yesterday. The place was packed out; here’s a couple of shots of the concert:-

I think it fair to say that the audience was delighted with the performance but not necessarily, somewhat bizarrely, with the venue’s convenience or should I say inconvenience arrangements. The toilets were out of bounds to those attending the concert and a walk of some 5 minutes, for a fit person, was required through the park to another set of toilets where the gents were out of order anyway! How odd, the notices did not say the toilets were out of order at the Palm House, indeed they seemed to be in use for catering staff if I understood correctly. I’ve been there many times and never have I seen the toilets out of bounds before. Frankly, with many elderly people in the audience or considering that the weather could have turned foul at any moment in February the ‘facilities’ needed to be open. Even the orchestra members had to run for the other toilets at half time! I wonder what the trouble was all about?

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Addendum – I queried the lack of toilet facilities and this is the response – Looks like a misunderstanding on the day – ‘sorry you were unable to use our toilets, this shouldn’t have been the case and that this spoilt enjoyment of both the Palm House and our free Sunday Concert.

We do provide toilets facilities at the Palm House specifically for our visitors and who those attend our events – such as you did when you came to our concert.

However, these are not public toilets for the Park and recently we had been experiencing some anti-social problems and it became necessary to put the signs up around the Palm House to try and deter this.

Anyone who has wanted to use our facilities has been able to so, or has asked a member of staff and have been directed to them. I would stress our intention has never been to stop our visitors using the toilets but only to restrict access.’

Maghull Wind Orchestra

Our very own local orchestra was today playing a Christmas concert to a packed house at Sefton Park’s wonderful Palm House

What’s more, they got a standing ovation. Their concerts seem to go from strength to strength as their reputation spreads far and wide. well done yet again Maghull Wind Orchestra.

Maghull – It’s Wind Orchestra rocks Sefton Palm House once again

Conductor Phil Shotton Addresses the audience

Liverpool’s Sefton Park Palm House was packed out last Sunday afternoon for another great performance by Maghull Wind Orchestra.

It never ceases to amaze me how this community orchestra can produce such wonderful sounds and still ask anyone to join them who is at any standard in the musical development.

The Flute Section

The youngest in the orchestra was just 12 last Sunday and the oldest over 90!

Oh yes, and I’m still the roady for flute player Jen Robertson.

George Melly’s comments are spot on – it is a wonderful venue

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Maghull – Wind Orchestra at Sefton Park Palm House

As a follower of Maghull’s excellent Wind Orchestra I found myself back at the Sefton Park Palm House where yesterday’s Christmas concert was being held.


It’s a lovely place to listen to music, in fact it is a lovely place full stop


This community orchestra now has 130 members and around 70 were present and playing in the Palm House on Sunday.

What’s more it was standing room only as the place was packed out and we were treated to a lovely sunset too:-


The Orchestra are next in action on Tuesday evening (tomorrow) at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral where I will be be acting as roady to flute player Jen Robertson again.

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Maghull Wind Orchestra

Been to see them perform today at the Palm House in Liverpool’s Sefton Park.

What performance venue and a big crowd too; it was standing room only.

Red Caps

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It seems I am Jen’s Roadie for some concerts! A roadie for a flute player?

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Stop shouting at people Joe it’s doing Liverpool’s image no good at all.

The BBC is carrying the story.


Oh dear Liverpool’s Elected Mayor seems not to use diplomacy when when a good shout is the alternative.

He has nothing to gain from picking a fight with Kim Cattrall and everything to lose as far as I can see.