Maghull to Netherton – So many speed limits!

There’s a road that starts in Maghull and effectively runs all the way to the Edge Lane traffic lights by Bootle and Netherton Fire Station. It has various names along it’s relatively short length and even more speed limits.


Starting with Sefton Lane at the junction with Liverpool Road South in Maghull it is 30mph. Just after it becomes Bridges Lane the limit rises to 40mph. When it becomes Brickwall Lane its back down to 30mph through Sefton Village, coming out of the Village it rises to 40mph and then across the junction with the new Brooms Cross Road it rises again to 50mph. Finally in drops to 40mph from there along Buckley Hill Lane to the Fire Station. This road is only 2 miles long in total!

Talk about confusing the motorist although you try sticking to 30mph through Sefton Village and see how many try to overtake you – it happens to me virtually every day.

Switch Island to Thornton Link Road – progress as junctions takes shape

This was the scene on Brickwall Lane just to the west of Sefton Village on Friday 30th January:-


Street lamps are being erected and the junction with the new Broomscross Road is taking shape, all down to the campaigning of Thornton Parish Council and Thornton residents who were and are desperate for a by-pass around their congested community.

Sefton Borough – It’s named after an historic village with an historic church

In a break in the bitterly cold weather of recent days I went back to St.Helen’s Church in Sefton Village to have a look at the ancient church where, and please don’t tell anyone, this old atheist was once a choir boy!,_Sefton
It really is a beautiful building and I love to take photos of it:-




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New Switch Island to Thornton Link Road – Brickwall Lane junction takes shape


Please click on photo to enlarge it

This was the scene on Brickwall Lane, Sefton Village last week as curb stones associated with the junction of the new Switch Island to Thornton Link Road (to be called Brooms Cross Road) were being laid in.

Autumn in Jubilee Wood – Between Maghull & Sefton Village


And it is a little larger than expected!

The owl has landed and it is a little larger than expected!

This is a good time of year to stroll around this woodland area which was created around 10 years ago. It is now very well established and a favorite of dog walkers. You will usually meet a local and have a chat about things. A good place to wind down. The carved stone owl is hidden within the trees. Check out the link below:-

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