Switch Island to Sefton Village – A golden landscape


We can easily forget what beautiful part of the world we live in. Standing with my back to the busy Switch Island this idyllic vista came into view. Historic Sefton Church and Sefton Village are in the background and the raised bunds of the River Alt are on the right together with Jubilee Woods. Just out of shot to the left are the ongoing works to build the new Switch Island to Thornton Link Road – Brooms Cross Road as it is to be called. Also just out of shot on the right is the embankment of the former Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway.

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Sefton Village Tractor Fest

Saturday 26th April saw all kinds of huge earth moving equipment, diggers and tractors being displayed along Brickwall Lane in Sefton Village.

For those of you whose hobby is following such vehicles it must have been quite a tractor fest!



Of course, they were all part of the building of the new Brooms Cross Road from Switch Island to Thornton.

Sefton Village Conservation Area

Probably the best known and historically most prominent Conservation Area in the Borough of Sefton is the one that the Borough is indeed named after.

St Helen’s Church is a delight with parts of it being well over 800 years old. If you get the chance to visit it please don’t miss out.

St. Helen's Church, Sefton

St. Helen’s Church, Sefton

I recall back in 1994 a team of handbell ringers from Arizona playing there and they were quite staggered with age of the church and its history. Their visit was as part of a tour involving Maghull’s accomplished hand Bell ringers. See their web site at:-


Ye olde Sephton Bowls Club

Ye olde Sephton Bowls Club

Punch Bowl Pub

Punch Bowl Pub

Punch Bowl Pub with St. Helen's Church

Punch Bowl Pub with St. Helen’s Church

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Sefton Village – Demolished ‘Please Drive Carefully’ sign!


This sign, on the way into Sefton Village from Lunt, has certainly been in the wars!

The road here is often the scene of accidents due to speeding and I wonder whether speed contributed to this recently demolished sign? Frankly, I would hardly be surprised if speeding was involved.

Getting it fixed is now on my agenda as a ward councillor for these two rural villages.