Liverpool’s famous bucket fountain still needs to be saved

I blogged about this back in February and my posting from then is accessible via the link below:-

But whilst time has marched on the potential to remove the bucket fountain still looms large. My understanding of the present situation is this:-

Despite the fountain now being Grade 11 listed a developer is continuing to discuss its relocation with Liverpool City Council. It’s important to say that the viewing platforms are included in the listing and it’s difficult to see how those concrete platforms could be ‘removed’ without them being demolished.

There is no public appetite for this proposal, and the vast majority of people would prefer it to stay in Beetham Plaza. Whilst the fountain itself wasn’t designed for the plaza the platforms actually were, and clearly the fountain can be enjoyed more both visually and aurally because of its location in a small enclosed space. And of course the links with the slave trade and the commemorative plaque on one of the platforms are a very very important reason for the choice of location.

There are so many reasons why the fountain should stay on the plaza, and it’s hard to see a reason for even attempting to remove it other than the developer’s wish to replace it with a hotel, and it’s disappointing that the council are seemingly not listening to the to protests from local people.

If you’ve not already signed the petition (see link below) in support of the campaign to keep the fountain in its present location then please do so now:-

My thanks to Sheila Lane for the update on this continuing campaign