Rough Sleeping on Merseyside

This is always a worrying matter but particularly so at this time of the year with plummeting temperatures.

The Liverpool Echo has an informative article by Liam Thorpe on rough sleeping on its website which is well worth a read – see link below:-

The Sefton Borough figures are interesting to note as I guess you will be as surprised as I am with them.

Extract from Echo articleSefton’s figures show there are 9 rough sleepers in the borough and 40 homeless people in temporary shelter.

I fully expected them to be higher, although the difficulty in recording accurately has to be taken into account.

Rough sleeping shames a civilised society and the work of charities like Shelter is vital.

Renting costs more than owning

New figures from the Government’s official English Housing Survey reveal that private sector rents take up 40% of tenants’ gross income. For those who own their homes, the figure is 20%, while social tenants paid 30% of their gross income on rent. The survey also found that despite the extra cost, private tenants live in the country’s poorest-quality housing with a third of homes being in poor condition, compared with one in five of owner-occupied homes and 15% of social rented homes. Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said that the cost of renting made it harder for people to save up for a deposit to buy a house, calling it a “rent trap”.

This is the other side of the housing problem that I posted about yesterday. I am convinced that private sector rental costs are too high and that this leads to the kind of problems that Shelter are raising. A roof over your head is a necessity of life but with so many landlords using their properties as nothing more than investments to be milked many of them don’t see or want to see that they have a responsibility to maintain their housing stock and only charge reasonable rents.

With thanks to LGiU for the lead to this story.

Shelter’s web site & helpline – In case you need to take some good advice about a housing concern

A message I am happy to carry from Shelter.

Shelter’s helpline receives too many calls from people in desperation, and on the brink of losing their home, because bills and notices have been left unopened and problems have piled up.

We know that one in eleven people fear they won’t be able to afford to pay the rent or mortgage at the end of this month. Yet many people in this situation would feel too ashamed to ask for help.

This January we are encouraging those at risk to seek advice from Shelter and avoid problems spiralling out of control.

We would very much appreciate your help in getting this message out there.

Get help from Shelter via their free telephone helpline number – 0808 800 4444

For lots of people, the New Year period brings further challenges and worries. That’s why we are urging anyone worried about paying their rent or mortgage to make seeking early housing advice their New Year’s resolution.