The curse of single use plastic bags

I don’t know about you but I become increasingly annoyed when I’m offered/given a single use plastic bag in a shop, there’s really no excuse for them still being available when you consider the harm they do to our environment.

So the Morrisons initiative below (see link) is welcome, although they are seemingly rather more preoccupied with customer reaction than promoting strong paper bags to their customers:-

The other day I had to pick up a prescription from a branch of Rowlands Pharmacy in Maghull and yes you’ve guessed it the items came in a small plastic bag. If you took notice they had row upon row of them all lined up for folk to collect. How much better it would be if those bags were paper, so I’ve been in touch with Rowlands to ask them to switch to suitable paper bags. We’ll see how they respond……

Sefton Council – Going Green in the battle to control plastic pollution

Part of Sefton’s coastline at Crosby

The Liverpool Echo has the article on its website – see link below

Now for all of you out there who think I have a downer on the Labour Party here’s a positive story I’m happy to promote.

Firstly, I should say that one of my big issues with Labour on Merseyside has always been their lack of environmental/green credentials. You only have to look at the troubles in both Knowsley and Liverpool Councils where building on parks and green spaces has actually been promoted by Labour. Their approach to Sefton’s Local Plan adoption process, where they seemed to look upon environmental campaigners as nothing but a bloody nuisance, also comes to mind as an example of my concerns.

But credit where it’s due this plastic pollution position adopted by Labour-run Sefton Council is a step in the right direction. Oh and by the way the minutes of the meeting where the motion was agreed say that all present (of differing political parties) supported it.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.