Coleman exit from Southport FC

Well he did not last long, did he!

Southport's Haigh Avenue ground

Southport’s Haigh Avenue ground

I missed this exit earlier in the week and must admit to being surprised that he decided to up sticks from our leading Sefton football club after such a short time at the Club.

It would be great to think that Southport’s glory days in the Football league can return. Maybe next season under yet another manager……..

Everton FC – A nice touch but in Sefton we need to find a way to similarly celebrate Southport FC

The BBC has the story and it made me start to think about how our local senior football team could be celebrated in a public and noticeable way.

Here is the Southport FC crest:-


How about projecting an image of the crest onto Southport Town Hall for example. It would help to bolster Southport’s independent civic pride and support Sefton’s leading football club, which admittedly is going through a tough patch at present. Just an idea, I am sure others may have better ones.

Struggling Southport FC become a victim of flooding

Southport's Haigh Avenue ground

Southport’s Haigh Avenue ground

Third from bottom of the Conference Premiere Table Southport could not get onto their water-logged pitch yesterday to take on Braintree who are 11 points better off in the league.

Let’s hope that the enforced time off will help improve the fortunes of our leading football club in the Borough.

Southport continue to struggle in Conference Premier League


As Southport FC continue to struggle a fascinating signing may help them. Have a look at the BBC link above to see who new player Aristote Nsiala has previously played for.

I find it hard to believe that Southport have ever signed a player with such a diverse club and country playing history before. Let’s hope he helps to put some much needed steel in Southport’s defence.

Southport FC – aiming high from a lowly position under Coleman

The BBC has the story – see link above

Southport's Merseyrail Community Stadium

Southport’s Merseyrail Community Stadium

It would be great to see our local senior side back in the Football League and that’s the clear ambition of Southport’s new boss John Coleman. Let’s hope his optimism is well placed.