Southport – In the era of the trams

I picked up this postcard at Wirral Transport Museum recently and having tracked the same photo down in the book ‘Southport in the age of the tram’ by James Dean & Cedric Greenwood I can say that the authors say this of it:-

Company cars 16 and 11 pass on Lord Street at the junction with Eastbank Street Square about 1907-08. The book credits the photo to the Geoff Price Collection. They go on to say that the neo-Elizabethan timbered building on the right is Lomas’s (later Cannell’s) a high-class fashion store which opened in 1905

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Sefton – The only tramway in the Borough – Southport Pier Tram


Trams died out across the UK in the 1940’s and 50’s but Southport’s Pier Tram has continued to serve holiday makers and anyone else who wants to ride on a tram along the Town’s famously long pier. Blackpool may well be famous for its trams and places like Southport must very much regret letting theirs go.


Of course trams are making a big come back in some major cities such as Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham and Edinburgh and in Sunny Southport its Lib Dem councillors want to extend the tram to Southport Railway Station.

A good read about Southport’s former tram network is ‘Southport in the age of the tram’ by James Dean and Cedric Greenwood published in 2008 by Silver Link Publishing.

Photos of the Pier Tram are amongst my Flickr shots at:-