Sefton – The troubled Borough – Southport being invited to leave?

In some ways it would be no surprise to hear that Southport’s councillors want Southport to leave Sefton. The former County Borough of Southport has, of course, always been unhappy about being dumped into one of the many odd creations of the Tories 1974 local government reorganisation.

But to give the Borough’s Sefton Councillors from Southport their due they have always tried to make Sefton work as well as it can for their seaside town despite them being opposed to its creation. However, things seem to have moved on and in a far from positive way as the article below shows from a recent edition of Southport News:-


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Whilst at face value being invited to leave the Borough is what most Sandgrounders would want to see the fact is that Southport is stuck with being in Sefton for the foreseeable future so it needs assurance and confidence that the Town will be getting its fair share of the Borough’s resources and that the Council’s Bootle based Leaders are actually taking notice of Southport’s needs. Can Southport’s councillors have such confidence based on the reaction of Labour’s Bootle Bucks to a simple plea for access to Ainsdale Beach to be maintained in the winter months?

Southport – Says NO! to Mersey Mayor Madness

This blog site has carried articles before about the astonishingly poor 3rd rate devolution of power deal that Merseyside’s Labour council leaders negotiated with Tory Chancellor George Osborne. It was such a poor deal that it came nowhere near to that which Greater Manchester council leaders negotiated for their communities. The Merseyside deal is shockingly poor by comparison. Here’s how Southport’s leading councillors and it’s MP see the deal:-



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