Maghull – Lydiate boundary planter gets a winter makeover

I think I have mentioned before that Sheila and I maintain the boundary planter on the Maghull/Lydiate border in Southport Road.

Winter planting in Southport Road.

Winter planting in Southport Road.

Well it got to the time of year when the summer marigolds had to come out to be replaced by primulas. The job is now done and some bulbs (not sure of the type – we will know when they come up!) went in as well.

Lydiate – Parking restrictions proposal outside RC Church cause controversy

Sefton Council is proposing to bring in parking restrictions on Southport Road and Hall Lane in Lydiate, outside Our Ladies Church, but questions are being raised locally about whether they are really necessary.

Representations were made to Lydiate Parish Council at its meeting last Tuesday by the Chairman of neighbouring Down Holland Parish Council who happens to attend the church himself.

An extract from a Sefton Council report on the matter says:-

1.1 A request has been received from a local resident, for ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restrictions to be introduced at the junction of Southport Road and Hall Lane, Lydiate.

1.2 It is alleged that when masses take place at Our Lady’s RC Church, on-street parking takes place in close proximity to the junction.

To be fair Sefton Council have conducted traffic surveys on a Sunday when the church is busy and they have found there to be some issues that need addressing to aid road safety.

I had a chat with fellow Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope about this recently and she was surprised by the proposals (she lives close to the church) as she was not aware of any accidents caused by church-goers vehicles.

On occasions I do use Hall Lane and I must say turning right out of it is a bit of a challenge but that is more associated with the speed of vehicles on Southport Road which must be doing well over 50 mph most of the time despite the speed limit being 40 mph.

Lets hope a mutually satisfactory solution can be found because ironically the church had recently tried to gain permission to create a car park on its own land but they had been refused by Sefton Council on the grounds that the area is Green Belt and a Conservation Area. So clearly the church’s prayers were not answered in the affirmative by the Council and this is obviously a difficult matter to resolve.

Lydiate – Overgrown Hedge Southport Road

A resident has raised with me the need for One Vision Housing to trim back their hedging that fronts Southport Road and is adjacent to their Haven Walk bungalows.

Pavement Southport Rd Lydiate by Haven Walk  - 08 16

As you can see from the photo above the hedging is now well across the pavement and is clearly restricting pedestrian access.

Hope it will be cut back soon.

Lydiate – Southport Road continues to flood – Will Sefton Council take action?

Carriageway flooding - Southport Road Lydiate 09 07 16

This is a long-standing problem in Lydiate’s Southport Road and despite Sefton Council having tried to resolve it a number of times the flooding keeps on happening after even a moderate fall of rain.

It can make the life of pedestrians and cyclists rather difficult though as they need to have good timing and a decent turn of speed if they are avoid an early bath when this road floods.

I have raised it yet again with Sefton’s Highway Engineers in the hope that a permanent solution will be put in place. Not holding my breath though!

Lydiate – Car crash Southport Road Saturday 21st May

Sadly there was a serious accident on Southport Road earlier today close to Seafore Close. I understand that a car ended up on its roof.

Numerous emergency vehicles rushed to deal with the accident and we can only hope that those involved will be OK.

However, what was odd about this accident was that the Police made no attempt, as far as I am aware, to manage the ensuing traffic jams caused as consequence of the accident. This is even more odd when you consider that Southport Road is a major ‘A’ road and bus route.

Indeed, local residents took over the traffic management themselves and I saw ladies in the middle of the road at the junction of Liverpool Road North, Southport Road and Liverpool Road advising queuing drivers what was happening and to use alternative routes.

What’s more a chap who lives in Southport Road who owns an old American Police car placed his car across the road at the junction will Bells Lane to try to assist. I photographed this car a while ago and here it is:-


All this public spirited reaction to a nasty vehicle accident is indeed commendable but I can’t help but wonder why Merseyside Police did not address the need to manage the traffic. I am aware that a resident has subsequently phoned the Police to log their concerns along similar lines to mine.

I think the road was impassable for around two and half hours or so.

Update:- I am indebted to Mike Brown who informs me that he understands there were 2 vehicles and 3 people involved in the accident but no serious injuries.

Lydiate – Southport Road/Mairscough Lane – Too many road accidents

My good friend Cllr. Edie Pope campaigned to get the speed limit reduced to 40mph along the section of Southport Road that leads out of Lydiate and into West Lancashire some time ago. At the Church Lane junction by St. Thomas’ Church the road name changes to Mairscough Lane and it noticeably narrows to a blind bend. Sadly, the road traffic accidents have kept piling up.

Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope outside her farm shop on Lydiate's Southport Road. The blind narrow bend is in the background.

Lydiate |Parish Councillor Edie Pope outside her farm shop on Lydiate’s Southport Road. The blind narrow bend is in the background.

Frankly the road is too narrow especially where large vehicles are concerned and there have been a lot of very serious accidents and some loss of life in recent years. It was for this reason that Edie fought for the speed limit to be reduced.

I really think that Sefton and Lancashire Councils need to radically re-think how they can better manage the speeding problems that are often behind the accidents.

The temptation to speed is created by the clear wide carriageways that lead into this tight narrow section of road and frankly the nutters are never going to slow down unless they are forced to do so.

So Edie, who lives on the section of road and has seen far too many accidents, and I are calling upon Sefton Council and Lancashire County Council to make radical plans to try to stop the accidents. We have written to them both urging them to work together to find a sustainable solution as soon as possible. Bigger warning signs simply will not work, that’s been tried before.

We must stop people being seriously injured and indeed killed at this accident black spot.