Lydiate – Asbestos row – former Daverick Motors site

Asbestos is always a serious matter and it was one that I ensured was aired in public at Sefton’s Planning Committee meeting last week.

Local residents raised the matter with me so I ensured they had the opportunity to voice their concerns in front of an open meeting.

The site is in my ward (Park Ward) and of course I also want to know if asbestos found on the site was been removed in line with the strict conditions laid down by the Health and Safety Executive and other bodies/regulations. New houses are presently being built on the site I would add.

My understanding is that any asbestos would have been associated with the former industrial buildings on the site that were demolished before the house building commenced.

Residents, led by Pat and Mike O’Hanlon, have documents that refer to there being asbestos on the site and Pat read from them to members of Sefton’s Planning Committee.

The issue is now going before Sefton’s Chief Executive as residents have been unhappy with the responses they have received from the Council so far.

Clear answers are required. We await the Chief Executive’s views, whom I have contacted on behalf of the residents.

STOP PRESS – I have had a response from the Council just as I was publishing this posting. They say that their initial investigation indicates that all was dealt with properly but as said above we now await the Chief Executive’s view on the matter.

Flooding – Southport Road, Lydiate

The carriageway of Southport Road often floods at times of rain more or less on the Maghull/Lydiate Parish boundary but it seems to have got much worse in recent times.

I have asked Sefton Council to sort it out as pedestrians and cyclists don’t stand a chance of getting through without an unwanted cold dirty shower!

The photo below shows the problem on the northbound carriageway, it is just as bad if not worse on the southbound carriageway. This shot is looking back to Maghull Methodist Church and the junction with Liverpool Road/Liverpool Road North from Lydiate. The flooding is clear to see.


How crazy would you have to be to put a concrete fencing panel across a major road?



The pictures above show what I am referring to. I moved this panel from the middle of the northbound carriageway of Southport Road, Lydiate last Saturday morning following a very concerned call from a local resident who could not believe her eyes when she saw it there.

And no, it had not fallen off a lorry, it had been deliberately removed from the fencing of the adjacent electricity sub-station compound and put in the road! Goodness knows what would have happened had a motorbike struck it!

How could this have been done without the person or people doing it not realising they were setting a death trap? I despair!!!!!!