NALGO Memorial – Southport Town Hall

Continuing my First World War theme for 2014.


Folks keep pointing out war memorials to me as they realise this blog site is covering them in 2014. Here is one from the former National Association of Local Government Officers (NALGO) that is in a prominent position in Southport Town Hall.

Everton FC – A nice touch but in Sefton we need to find a way to similarly celebrate Southport FC

The BBC has the story and it made me start to think about how our local senior football team could be celebrated in a public and noticeable way.

Here is the Southport FC crest:-


How about projecting an image of the crest onto Southport Town Hall for example. It would help to bolster Southport’s independent civic pride and support Sefton’s leading football club, which admittedly is going through a tough patch at present. Just an idea, I am sure others may have better ones.