Southport Beach sees 5,821 children form ‘human poppy’

Credit for this photo to otsnews Southport

Credit for this photo to otsnews Southport

A great idea but why do the BBC refer to it as a ‘stunt’? Sadly that word, as it is used these days, is more likely to be seen in a negative context. It was a happy commemorative event not a stunt!

The North – England’s dilemma – Read IBB’s excellent posting

Take a look at the posting via the link above. Iain, lays out the issues very well indeed. It makes you wonder why we in the north of England have accepted being governed so poorly and so remotely (from London) for so long. He makes the Liberal cause of devolution, campaigned for over many generations, seem even more important today than ever before.

Tour de France – What about it starting in Southport?

Those who take an interest in cycling will know that the most famous cycle race on the planet is this year starting in Yorkshire!

A recent holiday in York brought this home to me because there were yellow painted cycles everywhere as temporary pieces of public artwork. A fine sight they made too all across historic York. Here are a couple of shots I took and there are more on my flickr page at:-



But it got me thinking that Southport is a ‘Cycle Town’ so how about a bid being put in to start a future Tour de France in Southport? It could even be a project that Sefton Council and the Liverpool City Region could take up so to include the likes of Liverpool too – so long as it is not hijacked by Liverpool of course!

Just a thought but why not promote Southport this way. If Sefton Council does not aim high it will never get off the ground.

It’s Comrade Crabtree if you please

Well how much worse can it get for Southport Conservatives as another councillor walks over to join the Socialist Republic of Bootle for that is what Sefton Labour Party really is.

Quite how someone can be a capitalist one day and a socialist the next I have never got my head around but Cllr. Tony Crabtree of Southport’s Cambridge Ward is the second Southport Tory councillor to make the journey from Tory to Labour in recent times.


The plight of Southport Tories reflects the problems of Maghull Labour who, like the Tories, can’t keep hold of councillors who have been elected under their flag.

In Southport 2 former Tory Leaders on Sefton Council have fallen out with their Party. One went independent the other to Labour; now Cllr. Crabtree has jumped the Southport Tory ship. In Maghull Labour have lost 8, yes 8, of their elected councillors to resignations in the past two and half years.

The best Labour could muster in the recent elections in Southport was 19% of the vote and that in only a couple of wards so it is likely that Cllr. Crabtree will sink without trace if he stands again there. Has he been promised a safe Labour seat down in the Socialist Republic of Bootle?

Will the last Conservative in Southport please turn out the lights in their Bath Street Southport HQ.

Southport Model railway Village – take a look at this video


Sunny Southport was buzzing today in glorious sunshine.

I found this very recent video of Southport Model Railway Village on youtube. If you are visiting Southport the Model Village is well worth a visit.

The photo above is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Meols Cop Station – Southport – Wigan/Manchester Line

I said not long ago that I would post about this station, so here goes. By the way a previous posting of mine from 29th July 2013 is worth referring back to:-

Meols Cop is the first station reached when a Southport – Wigan/Manchester train leaves Southport’s Chapel Street Station indeed it is well within Southport.

A visit there immediately draws attention to the challenges of this station. Firstly, it has no car park or seemingly any land close by that could become a car park. This is a major disadvantage as it is used by folk who live in Southport but who often work in Manchester. It’s second major problem is that whilst the station is firmly within Merseyside it is not a Merseytravel run station. There is no ticket office, it does not have station staff and the facilities are no more than a couple of shelters.

The fact that Merseytravel have not adopted it and brought it up to the usual standard of a station across Merseyside is a long standing bone of contention with Southport folk.

The good news is that the Station has an active volunteer group which I made mention of in my posting of July 2013 and what a great job they do.

It was time for me to go have a proper look at Meols Cop and here are some photo’s I took on my visit.

Taken from the Station platform looking towards Southport.

Taken from the Station platform looking towards Southport.

Sadly Meols Cops is not a disabled friendly Station. The steps down to the platform.

Sadly Meols Cops is not a disabled friendly Station. The steps down to the platform.

How many stations can you find with a lawn? It looks great.

How many stations can you find with a lawn? It looks great.

The photo above is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Planted out by volunteers

Planted out by volunteers

What Southport really needs is a station that provides extensive free car parking for commuters on this line. It is achievable by building a new station right by the Kew Park and Ride site on the edge of Southport. This is a challenge for the future but for now let’s thank the Meols Cop Volunteers for the work they do in helping to keep Merseytravel’s forgotten station going and looking good.

PS. David Sumner (mentioned in my previous posting) is no longer a Sefton Councillor having decided to retire at the last local elections following years of dedicated service to the Southport (Norwood Ward) community. Happy retirement David and keep up the good work at Meols Cop.