Cricket returns to England – Oh to see Bishen Bedi bowl again

Of all the things I’ve missed during lockdown cricket has been the thing I’ve missed most. Indeed, the other day, whilst out cycling I came upon a chap wearing a magnificent Sikh Turban and I wanted to shout out ‘you remind me of the magnificent Bishen Bedi’ but fortunately for the poor chap and indeed myself I kept my cricketing thoughts to myself.

But that chance encounter led me to look up that greatest of all Indian spin bowlers on You Tube and I found this video where Bishen talks about one of my all time greatest cricketers – Gary Sobers:-

and this one of the great man in action:-

The art of the spin bowler in cricket is often lost in all the noise about fast bowling and and great batsmen but at its best spin bowling can be utterly beguiling.