WW1 – A Sefton Parish family with huge losses

As the centenary year of the end of WW1 is about to close I decided to have a close look at the war memorial that stands on the opposite side of the road to St. Helens Church in Sefton Village:-

And here’s a shot of the plaque denoting those who fell during the Great War from Sefton Parish – Note the loss of 3 people in the Wood family:-

And then in a chance spotting within the extensive graveyard of the church I came across this grave:-

One family (the Wood’s) with 3 sons lost in consecutive years 1914, 1915 & 1916, with two other families (the Almond’s and the Wharton’s) losing 2 members – such an appalling loss of life.

We will remember them

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Sefton Church – Painting by Harold S Scott


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I came across a 2017 calendar the other day and this was the January picture. I took to it straight away and it turned out that the calendar was of the paintings of Harold S Scott.

Of course Sefton Parish is now in Sefton Borough, indeed the Borough takes its name from the historic village, but it was in West Lancashire until local government reorganisation in 1974.

What a lovely painting of a church that is close to my heart because I was choir boy there around 1970 when it was lit by candles and oil lamps.

Remains of the historic Sefton Mill – What has gone there?

I understand that the historic remains of Sefton Mill in Sefton Village were expected to be conserved and made available for the public to access when the new housing development (Mill Wear Gardens) was built next to St. Helens Church. The area concerned is in fact a Conservation Area.

The remains of Sefton Mill and Mill Wear Gardens are behind the church viewed from this direction.

The remains of Sefton Mill and Mill Wear Gardens are behind the church viewed from this direction.

Roy Connell, a former local councillor and member of Sefton Council’s Planning Committee, has been trying to get to the bottom of what has gone on and this what he says:-

My recollection of this issue is related to the Planning application, there was a lot of remediation work that had to be carried out and in the process the Sefton Mill was exposed , we saw this at a Planning Visiting Panel meeting.

I asked for the Mill Site to be left exposed and for a fence to be put around it so that it could be seen by visitors to St Helens Church, as far as I can recall that was agreed.

I recently spoke to a chap who lives in the new houses who agrees with my view and who said that he understood that before he bought the house he now lives in.

He also told me that the contractors who ever they were filled the Mill remains in with sand and then covered it over with grass. He also recalls some of the old mill equipment being taken away, but is not sure by whom.

Think the question I would be asking Sefton Planning Department is what do they have on record of what was agreed to by the Planning Committee with regard to this application. Was there any legal agreement made or conditions added to the application?

Appropriate representations have now been made to Sefton Council’s Planning Department and we await a substantive response having had a holding reply. More news when I have it but if you know more please get in touch with me.

The photo above of St Helen’s Church is amongst my Flickr shots at:-