Liverpool – Its former St. James Station – Will it ever reopen?

The Liverpool Echo has the article (with the rather over-optimistic headline?) on its website – see link below:-

I’ve posted about this long talked about reopening project before – here’s a link to my previous blog:-

The trouble with railway wish list projects like this is that they rarely move forward and what about the price tag – est £50m – for the new station! How on earth do we manage to get such a huge price tag for a new railway station? There must be something wrong with how railway infrastructure is procured in the UK?

Liverpool – St. James Station must reopen

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Glad to see that folks are lining up to press for this long lost station to be reopened. I have blogged about it previously – see link below:-

Of course Andrew Makinson is once again a member of Liverpool City Council so a long-time champion of this project is not hard to find.

Liverpool – St. James Station

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above


Not to be confused with Liverpool’s James Street Station. This is an interesting railway story which I hope will have a positive outcome. However, am I not right in thinking that the original modern day proposal to reopen/rebuild this station actually came from former Liverpool City Cllr. Andrew Makinson via a Liverpool Vision strategy document back in 2000 and that he also pursued this matter when he sat on the Passenger Transport Authority for Merseyside – Merseytravel? Andrew’s contribution to this debate should not be overlooked.