Southport – Its former horse trams

I’ve blogged about Southport’s former tram system in the past but a visit to the reopening of Wirral Transport Museum the other day brought this tram into view:-

What’s more it had this description fixed to it:-

So this former horse tram once operated in Southport and was then sold to a Southport coal merchant before ending up in the former Steamport Museum in the Town. Here are 2 more views of it:-

Obviously it has been restored to its Birkenhead livery but as you can see there’s a nod to its Southport heritage via the advertising in photo 3.

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Southport – The changes at the stabling sidings

You don’t see many carriages being stored at Southport these days and certainly no wagons but it is not that long ago that the scene looked quite different . A glance back to the 1970’s and this is what you saw back then:-

Southport stabling sidings

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Quite a number of the old Merseyrail 502 units in the stabling sidings and beyond them many coal wagons. Only just visible is a sign in the background for the former Steamport Museum. An MK1 Ford Transit van gives away the time period too!

I purchased this print recently from the Friend’s of the 502 Group.

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